What's New?

We're staying busy and are thrilled to be working on the following projects, which include mobility, safety, parklands, and place management efforts in Ohio and beyond.

Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Micro-Mobility Network Expansion

The City of Cleveland and several neighboring municipalities in Cuyahoga County are working to expand the region's shared micro-mobility network to increase access and improve system performance for all users. Bongorno Consulting has led the consulting team in development of station or "hub" typologies, placement diagrams, and educational materials, and is now working with HNTB and the County to complete cost estimating and bid documents to support implementation of network enhancements across the region in spring 2024.

Tempe, Arizona TDM and TMA       Implementation Plan

Bongorno Consulting led a transportation management association (TMA) feasibility analysis as part of a team that completed a comprehensive transportation demand management (TDM) implementation plan for the City of Tempe, Arizona in 2022. The Implementation Plan will build from this work, developing the organizational model, workplan, and framework for regional collaboration to ensure the TMA's success. The team will also develop TDM plans for several Tempe businesses who are ready to take the first steps toward addressing their transportation challenges.

Cuyahoga Community College Integrated Facilities Plan

Bongorno Consulting is leading access & mobility planning as part of team of local and national firms (led by DLR Group) who are evaluating Tri-C facilities and environments across four primary campus locations.  The plan will create a roadmap for physical improvements on each campus over the next decade, focusing on investments that will help Tri-C provide high-quality educational opportunities in Northeast Ohio.

MobiliSE, Wisconsin FlexRide 2.0 and Organizational Strategic Plan

Bongorno Consulting recently supported MobiliSE, a nonprofit transit advocacy organization in Southeastern Wisconsin, in issuing an RFP and contracting for service to operate the region's FlexRide microtransit service. Chris is now working with the MobiliSE staff, Board and community partners to develop a Strategic Plan that will guide the organization's operations and sustained growth over the next three years.

University Circle Improvement District

University Circle,  one of the most unique and vibrant square miles in the country, is managed by the non-profit University Circle Inc. (UCI), a versatile and high-performing community service corporation.  UCI is examining options to expand resources through establishment of a special improvement district that will help them provide safety, transportation, and other place management services.  Bongorno Consulting is supporting this effort through peer review, data & scenario analysis, and coordination with various City of Cleveland departments.

Holden Parks Trust Strategic Planning

The Holden Parks Trust (HPT) is a charitable trust established for the purpose of “improving, beautifying or adorning” three historic parks on Cleveland's east side.  Over the past 30 years, HPT has invested more than $8 million in a variety of planning, capital improvement and landscape projects.  Bongorno Consulting has served as General Consultant to the Trust since 2013 and has worked throughout 2020 to develop a 5-year Strategic Plan for parklands investments, aligning with the priorities and investment strategies of the City of Cleveland and other community partners.

2022 ACT International Conference

During the Association for Commuter Transportation's 2022 International Conference in Chicago, Chris presented on a panel with three other TMA experts on the ways that these organizations can engage with and add value for non-traditional community members. The session included a focus on retail and other service workers who do not follow a typical 9-5 schedule, hard-to-reach suburban commuters, and traffic safety programs that appeal to travelers of all modes and abilities. 

Transportation Demand Management Certified Professional (TDM-CP)

Chris earned the TDM-CP credential in 2020 as one of the inaugural class of 80 such professionals in the United States. This national certification program for TDM professionals is administered by the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT), the leading advocacy organization for commuter transportation and TDM professionals.  Chris is an active member of ACT and serves as the Vice President of the Midwest Chapter.

As a TDM-CP, Chris brings expertise in addressing access, connectivity, and congestion in urban areas, as well as mobility challenges in rural and developing regions. Bongorno Consulting is ready to help you meet the diverse needs of residents, commuters, and employers in your community.