Bongorno Consulting specializes in transportation & community planning, sustainable development, project management, & strategic planning. We believe in a Community Centered Planning approach, building solutions that are rooted within and customized to the unique needs of each community.

Our Values

Equitable & Accessible

Our communities must work to meet the needs of all people, providing opportunities for access, well-being, and enrichment. Our planning processes should reflect this and require a concerted effort to engage and support populations who are vulnerable, discriminated against, or otherwise traditionally left out of the planning process.

Community Centered

While we bring perspective and expertise from a large cross-section of planning contexts, our planning process is focused on the unique needs of each community we work with. We will work with you to find solutions that are - at once - responsive, applicable, and implementable, ensuring that you have the support and buy-in you need to move forward.

Vibrant & Resilient

Planning for the vibrant communities of today falls short if we do not account for the changes that are coming tomorrow. We strive to find "quick wins" with near-term impacts and improvements that address immediate needs, while factoring for sustainability and resiliency in the face of an ever-evolving planning, mobility, and development context.

Our team starts with your community!

Get in touch with us at cbongorno@bongornoconsulting.com