Chromebook Management

District Chromebooks REQUIRE login with an email address within the Bloomfield domain: either for teachers/staff, or for students.

District Chromebooks are filtered by Securly, whether used in school, or off campus. Faculty should always report any student access to inappropriate sites or content.

Chromebooks can be connected to the newer Epson LCD Projectors via the HDMI port, but they cannot be used with the projector's interactive features. The touch control from the screen, etc., require use of the mini-PC mounted near the whiteboard, or the PC connected to the projector.

Students have more limited rights on the Chromebook -

Students cannot run the Chrome browser in 'Private' mode (while all Internet activity is tracked, we may want to recover browser history from the student device itself);

Students cannot install 'Themes' (as they are unregulated and may contain unsuitable material);

Students will not be approved to create courses in Google Classroom (without a teacher being assigned as a co-teacher to review postings and content).

Display Key

Acer Chromebooks connected to external displays are managed in a manner similar to Macbooks. Once connected via cable, use the display key on the top row (see below) to toggle between display the Primary, the Extended, or a Single Display. You could also click on Settings, Device, Display to select a preferred display mode once connected.

To see an interactive list of all shortcut keys on the District Chromebooks, simultaneously press Control-Alt-Shift-?. The screen becomes an image of the keyboard. Press the Control key, or the Alt key, or the Shift, or the Search key, to see what other key combinations are possible: Control-A "selects all"; Shift-Minus "minimizes"; Shift-Plus "maximizes."

Search Key

Change account picture

  1. If you haven't yet, sign in to your Chromebook.
  2. Click your account picture.
  3. Click Settings .
  4. In the "People" section, click your account picture.
  5. Change your account picture. You have four choices:
    • Use your Google Account photo
    • Use one of the available icons
    • Choose a file: Click the Folder .
    • Take a photo with your camera: Click the Camera , then click Take photo . To retake your photo, click the photo, then click Trash .