Bloomfield Teacher Academy Procedures

Proposing Courses -

Teachers are encouraged to offer courses in which they believe their knowledge and practical expertise would benefit their peers' instructional pedagogy, content knowledge, or classroom procedures.  Instructors do not have to offer courses in Educational Technology, but should take advantage of technical resources in whatever topic they offer. The goal of the Teacher Academy is improving instruction.  Properly utilized, Technology benefits instruction. Teachers who are considering offering a course should consult with their Supervisor or Principal for advice on what specific topics to offer and how best to present the material.  Administrators have final review on all course proposals and will contact instructors with questions or suggestions or requirements.

Teachers who wish to lead a course as an Instructor should follow these guidelines.

As of Spring 2018, here are some changes to the BTA procedure -
  All course proposals have to be submitted within a window of dates. For Spring 2018: between 1/3/18 and 2/2/18.  You can return to complete your proposal.
  Registrations will take place on-line between dates: for Spring 2018: 2/5/18 and 2/23/18. 
  All course proposals have to be approved by a supervisor, principal, or director.  Course instructors are encouraged to collaborate with a related content area administrator as they develop their course objectives.  Likewise, related content area administrators are encouraged to offer positive support and constructive collaboration.  Our shared goal is to ensure that courses are academically related and enhance effective teaching practices. There is a new drop down in the course proposal form to indicate the name of the approving administrator.
  All courses have to be offered within two ‘windows:’ For Spring 2018: 3/5/18 to Friday 3/23/18; or from Monday, 5/14/18 to Friday, 5/25/18. 
  Teachers can sign-up for courses in either or both windows. The two windows are meant to make it easier for everyone to plan for when the courses are offered. Further, the first window in March accommodates instructors with topics that would benefit teachers who may want to implement what they learn in their classrooms. The second window in May is to accommodate teachers who have after school commitments in March, such as coaches. 
  Everyone is limited to five (5) total registrations for the entire spring term. No one can take more than five (5) courses over both sessions.

Go to this link for "Courses Offered." The site requires that you login with YOUR email and password. Click on 'New' or 'New Item.' Fill out information on the fields below. You can begin to enter data, leave, and return later to complete the entry. Sort through the list, find your proposal, and click on the Title to resume editing or entering the information. Be sure to click 'Save' when finished entering data. You can only edit your own course proposals, not someone else's. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required:

  1. *Title of Course
  2. *Brief Description
  3. Long Description
  4. *Instructor (Your) Last Name
  5. *Instructor (Your) First Name
  6. Instructor (Your) Home School
  7. Target Audience of Course (e.g., Elementary Teachers New to Google; HS English Language Arts Faculty; Carteret Faculty ONLY; etc.)
  8. *Dates and Times of Course
  9. *Location of Course (Please note that it is the Instructor's responsibility to ensure the availability of the room for the meeting times of the class.)
  10. Expected Outcome (e.g., Classroom Activity/Quiz Utilizing Google Forms; Record for Logging Performance in Teacher-Led Assessment; etc.)
  11. Max Enrollment (15 by default)
  12. Minimum Enrollment (Courses will not be offered if fewer than 4 teachers register to take the course)
  13. Posting (Leave blank until the course is approved.)
  14. Prerequisites (Any prior courses or knowledge/experience that you expect teachers to have.)
  15. *First Date of Course
  16. Course Level
    1. Level I:Google Classroom, Docs, Forms
    2. Level II:Google Sheets, Slides, Sites
    3. Level III:Google Application (Draw, Chrome Speak, etc.)
    4. Level IV:Subject Specific Program to Enhance Student Learning
  17. Term ( Leave as 'Summer 2017')
It is important that you enter accurate information for your course, as teachers will register on the basis of what you propose.
After entering data, be certain to click 'Save.' You can return to edit your data anytime until the deadline of Wednesday, September 27. 

Here is the link for entering Course Proposals.