All teachers and students should log in to Newsela with their Bloomfield Google account, per the Sign-Up directions below.

Teachers can learn more about importing their Google Classroom classes with Newsela here.

Teacher Sign-Up-

Sign up with Google by going first to Newsela.

a. Click Sign up with Google.

b. Log in to your Google account if you aren't already logged in.

c. Click Allow on the Google authentication page.

If teachers have an existing, personal account on Newsela and they want that account merged with their Bloomfield account, make sure first to activate the Bloomfield account per the directions above and then submit a Tech Help Desk ticket and we will notify Newsela Support, who will merge the accounts into the Bloomfield account.

Tips for Using Newsela-

  • Review the Teacher Implementation Guide
  • Import Google Classroom to Newsela
  • Sharing Newsela Articles to Google Classroom
  • If each student has a device, they can interact with articles by completing quizzes, Write prompts, and annotations either independently or within a guided reading structure.
  • Have students read the article and answer annotations in class, and complete the quiz for homework. Or complete all actions on the article at home for independent practice.
  • Check out a PRO Teacher Resource that accompanies the article for structured guided lesson ideas. You can use Newsela articles to facilitate a debate, conduct a research project, or set up center activities.

New Features Released Fall 2017-

  • The main banner is now blue (it used to be white).
  • Max6 content includes articles geared more towards younger readers (where the maximum grade level for the assignment is sixth grade level) with illustrations and text features to support comprehension.
  • Units (currently only in Social Studies, but for all grade levels) save teachers time by providing organized content, essential questions and classroom activities all in one place. All other subject areas continue to have Text Sets.
  • Power Words provide student-friendly definitions with text-to-speech support within Max6 articles to improve reading comprehension. Power Words are underlined and available for audio readout, if the computer's speaker is unmuted.
  • Teachers can find the new Benchmarks here (for every grade level, there is a group of three articles with 8 questions each--completing these will speed up Newsela's adaptivity for each student and immediately increase the reading skills insights in their Binders)
  • There is supposed to be --by September-- a "Benchmark Text Set" that students complete in a few minutes which places them in an appropriate grade level. Once they complete two assignments and quizzes, that initial placement will adjust.


Welcome to the Newsela community! With your Newsela PRO subscription, all staff members and students can access Newsela with Google.*

We've found that Newsela implementation goes best when educators receive clear instructions on how to get started. Students read more articles, and Newsela is better integrated into instruction. Please forward this information to all staff members:

All staff members and students should sign in to Newsela with Google. If you already had a Newsela account, Newsela PRO access has been added to it. If you don’t have one, you can create one here.

Review this Implementation Guide. Newsela is an Instructional Content Platform with nonfiction articles for all subjects, and every article is available at five reading levels. With our Newsela PRO subscription, you have access to integrated assessments (Annotations, Quizzes, and Write Prompts) and insights into student progress in your Binder.

Please make sure that your students are in your classes on Newsela! This will enable them to explore thousands of articles for independent reading, in addition to articles you assign. If you have any questions,

We’d also recommend that you sign in now and find articles (maybe ones with Recommended Annotations or PRO Teacher Resources) or Text Sets to share with teachers to get them started.

We will be in touch over the next few weeks with more information about getting started, and throughout the year about how to make the most of your Newsela subscription. We look forward to working with you and your teachers!

Yours in reading,

The Educator Team at Newsela

*You can see information about all sign-on methods for Newsela here.