Summer Tech Work 2017

A Kindergarten room at Demarest needed a new interactive LCD, but literally had no wall space whatsoever to mount the whiteboard.

Damian Roszkowski, District carpenter, created a beautiful, elegant outward mount for the LCD that allowed a low hanging for easy access, even for the five and six year-olds, and preserved most of the cubbies for storage.

It is a very impressive piece of professional carpentry.

The HS Sewing Room needed a LCD, but also had insufficient wall space. In this case, the class did not need an Interactive display, just a screen with LCD. The installation includes a screen that pulls down in front of the wall and projects from a bright LCD. The conduit with the HDMI connector is especially trim, snug, and neat into the ceiling and along the wall for laptop, Chromebook or computer connectivity

In the fall and spring of last year, as we contemplated how and where we were going to store the hundreds of Chromebooks that the HS would need to sustain a 1:1 program, it sounded like a plaintive prayer meeting gone badly awry: 'What ever are we going to do?' and 'Where in God's good name can we store these devices?' and, most critically, 'How will we keep them charged?' The storeroom at the back of the Media Center had elegant shelving --all of which was chocked fill of 'stuff' that an active school library would accumulate after (hundreds of) years of activity. But the room had one electrical out, with two plugs. Two plugs, for thousands of devices. We figured it would take hundreds of surge protectors strung out for yards, and cause a brownout of the entire block, if we plugged in all the Chromebooks.

Mr. Bill Manning, electrician for the District, worked a miracle. After a summer of incredible work, he managed to retain the elegant shelving, and add 16 electrical outlets for charging at least that many devices on each shelf. Ms. Brisini, one of the two new librarians, added dividers that will allow careful storage and inventorying of the devices. It is like a miracle, a prayer answered. And the room looks great!