Welcome to Dream Rush!

What would happen if school were more like a living video game? How much more could we learn if we mixed the rich storylines of The Legend of Zelda, the massive open world maps of Assassin's Creed, the hidden secrets of Tomb Raider, the head-to-head leaderboards of Madden, the community-driven gameplay of Pokemon, the strategic resource management of Minecraft, the epic squad battles of Fortnite, and the super cool power-ups of Mario Kart?

Welcome to Dream Rush: a game-changing approach to American Literature.

I am so proud to welcome each of you as charter members in the next class of "Education Gamechangers" -- banded together to make history as we take part this massive yearlong multiplayer simulation where you don't just play the game, you become it.

This Google Site will serve as our one-stop shop for all game-related content, and will help catch you up to speed on any questions you might need answered or any questions you might have as the game unfolds.