Our Vision

Providing a Quality Education in a Caring Environment

Mā te manaakitanga te kounga o te mātauranga e whanake

Our Values

Belonging – Whanaungatanga

Enthusiasm - Rikarika

Selflessness - Maanakitanga

Team Work – Mahi Tahi

Our Priorities

To deliver a curriculum that is relevant, culturally responsive and differentiates to meet the needs of emerging adolescents

To ensure the learning environment is safe for all and has a strong focus on wellbeing and school values

To live our school vision and kaupapa

To transition students from primary to secondary education through engaging them in learning opportunities that develop the whole person

Our Graduating Profile

Students graduating from Birkdale Intermediate School will be confident, engaged learners who are able to articulate who they are, where they come from and what their values are. They will be future focussed learners who set SMART goals, strive for excellence to achieve their goals and have developed resilience and well-being skills that allow them to cope with any setbacks. They will demonstrate an ethic of care for self, others and the environment.

Graduating students will be connected to and have a curiosity for the global environment and embrace diversity. They will be well rounded in their interests and demonstrate the competencies of contributing, participating, relating to others and managing self. They will be numerate and literate at a level appropriate to their age and have an awareness of their learning style and next steps. Our graduating students will be proud Treaty citizens who contribute to the well-being of Aotearoa.

Social Media and School Website

At Birkdale Intermediate School we have a number of ways where you can find information about our school. This student portal is designed to make finding information about the BIS simpler and easier to find.

Our School


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