Welcome to room 558 at BEHS. Here you will find information on the classes I teach: AP Language, AP Literature, Creative Writing. American Literature, British Literature, and 9th Grade Core Extension. Course documents, assignments, access to Google classrooms, and a calendar of classroom work are available for each class lined above.

schedule 2018-2019

semester 1 semester 2

  1. (Blue) AP Language 1. (Blue) AP Language
  2. (Blue) Plan 2. (Blue) Plan
  3. (Blue) Creative Writing 3. (Blue) Creative Writing
  4. (Blue) Creative Writing 4. (Blue) British Lit
  5. (Gold) AP Literature 5. (Gold) AP Literature
  6. (Gold) American Literature 6. (Gold) British Lit
  7. (Gold) Plan 7. (Gold) Plan
  8. (Gold) Core Extension 9th 8. (Gold) Core Extension 9th