Edison Robots:

Earning Points:

Complete an Edison design challenge like the ones below. Upload the video to your website as well as a screenshot of the programming. All challenges are worth 10 points, 15 points if you solve them with Python programming.

Design a robotic creature that can:

  • move around
  • use at least one of Edison's sensors to trigger some kind of behaviour from the creature in response to its environment.

Design an alarm system that:

  • use at least one of Edison's sensors to trigger the alarm
  • does something to scare the intruder away

Design a popstar robot that:

  • dances in time to a piece of music

NXT Robots

Unless you have your own Lego Mindstorms equipment at home, you can use the NXT equipment in the CAMLAB. It must all stay in the CAMLAB.

5 points:

10 points:

15 points:

20 points:

Programming Information:

Although we use NXT robots, we use the EV3 software to program them.