Taleblazer ( can be used to make augmented reality games like Pokemon Go.

This tutorial introduces you to how to set up a basic game:

Read about Taisei, an ex-Balmac pupil, and what he did.

This was his video to showcase his prototype:

His idea was picked up by the DCC and became this (click the image for a link to the article):

How to earn points:

Design a Taleblazer game for a purpose. It might be to teach people about a particular concept you're learning about. It might be a fitness course. It might be a competition for time and points. It might be designed to support a community group. The only limit is your imagination!

You will earn points for your Taleblazer game depending on its complexity:

- basic Taleblazer game with at least 6 agents. The idea of the game is to find one agent and then the next one reveals itself (5 points)

- Taleblazer game with password protected questions, ie quiz style game (5 points)

- Taleblazer game which includes giving the player's options when they find an agent, eg. pick-a-path (10 points)

- Taleblazer game which includes players earning points (10 points)

- Taleblazer game which includes players collecting inventory items (10 points)

- Complex Taleblazer game including options, inventory and scoring. Connects to a particular need in the school or wider community. Get at least 20 people to download it and trial it. (20 points)

AR artwork

Create an AR piece of artwork or poster which, when people use the HP Reveal app, shows a video that relates to the artwork or poster. (5 points)