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Movie Making Tutorials:

This clip gives you a good insight into how to plan your movie and the types of camera angles you can use for effect:

MOVIE MAKING Group Roles.pdf

Special Effects:

I can make a person disappear
How to use Doink for Green Screen
I can create a special effect with the morph suit
I can clone myself - Option 1
I can clone myself - Option 2
I can make someone levitate
I can put a video inside of a video

Earning points:

Make a tutorial

Make a tutorial suitable for this CAMLAb badge making site. If it gets published, you can earn up to 15 points.

Make a movie

Making a movie is quite an open-ended task. You'll have all sorts of reasons for making movies. Submit your movie and receive up to 20 points based on the following:

- Storyline - whether it be a fiction or non-fiction movie, does the story/message in the story flow or is it hard to tell what's going on? Get other people to watch your movie and get feedback to see if it all makes sense to them.

- Camera Angles - are camera angles and camera shot-types used for effect? eg. close-up vs over-the-shoulder vs establishing shot.

- Setting - is it clear where the movie takes place? If you need a setting you can't access easily...we have a green room you can use for green screening.

- Sound - Is it easy to hear what characters are saying? Are sound effects used well? Is there mood music?

- Special Effects - If appropriate, have special effects been used to enhance the believability of your movie?