This is about 3D design so you can upload screenshots of your Tinkercad or SculptGL designs onto your website. You need to include the whole screen in your photo so we can see that it is your account. If you score full points, you can also get it 3D printed if you wish.

Points will be awarded for:

- attention to detail

- accurate measurements

- complexity of design

- originality of design

- use of a lot of different functions of the program.

Activities which can earn points:

3D design the following:

- jewellery (5 points)

- model (10 points) - could be to 3D print or import into a program like CoSpaces

- a functional object (15 points)

- an object designed to fit something (ie measurement is important) (15 points)

- anything 3D designed!

Tinkercad Tutorials:

Introduction to Tinkercad (www.tinkercad.com)

Designing for Tinkercad:


Sculptris is great for creating smoother, less geometric objects. If you're on a Chromebook, you c an use SculptGL