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Mr. Brian Goodrow


ext. 71915

Mrs. Kristin Celie

Dean of Students, Attendance and Activities

ext. 71920

Mr. Matthew McCall

Assistant Principal, CTE

ext. 71911

Mrs. Marlo Knox

Assistant Principal, Special Education, Testing

ext. 71914

Mr. Blake Robbins

Assistant Principal, Athletics

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Mr. Frank Pulice

Assistant Principal, Discipline

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Ms Amber Burdi

FFA Counselor, Students with last names starting with "D-K" not assigned to a program specific counselor

ext. 71937

Bio: Hi, I am Amber Burdi! I work with students with the Last Names D-K and all students that are in the FFA/Agriculture program. I taught Science and Agriculture for 13 years. Before coming to AVHS, I was an Elementary School Counselor for 6 years with AVUSD. I am so happy to be able to support our Sun Devil students as they pursue their educational goals. I love spending time with my family and pets.

Ms. Janena Ciancio

Early College Program, Bridge, Dual Enrollment Counselor

ext. 71934

Bio: Hi! I am Ms. Ciancio. I work with students in our Early College Program, Seniors in our Bridge Program with VVC and support students in the Dual Enrollment process with VVC. I have worked at Apple Valley High School since 2016 and I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to support our students through their academic journeys!

Ms. Madisyn Larabell

MAHST Counselor, Students with last names starting with "B-C" not assigned to a program specific counselor

ext. 71932

Hi! I'm Ms.Larabell. I've been a counselor at AVHS since 2021. I work with MAHST students as well as students from a portion of the alphabet. I became a school counselor because I am passionate about the conversations and connections I am able to make with students, especially at the high school level. AVHS has quickly felt like home and I look forward to being here for many years to come!

Mr. Josh McClane

SpEd/AVEX Counselor

Students with last names starting with "A" not assigned to a program specific counselor

ext. 71935

Bio: Hi. I am Mr. McClane. I work with students whose last name starts with A, special education, and AVEX. I have worked at Apple Valley High School since 2001, and it is our school culture and community that makes me proud to this day to call myself a Sundevil.

Ms. Adrian Mullikin

CAMP/Graphics Counselor, Students with last names starting with "L-N" not assigned to a program specific counselor

ext. 71939

Hi! I am Mrs. Mullikin. I have been a high school counselor since 2015. I knew I wanted to be a high school counselor since I was in high school at Apple Valley High School. I love working with students and supporting them throughout their high school years. I love spending time with my family and hanging out at the beach.

Ms. Erika Perrine

English Language Learners Counselor

ext. 71936

Bio: Hi. I am Mrs. Perrine. I work with students whose first language was not English. Students in grades 9th-12th. I am also the California Seal of Biliteracy Coordinator. I have worked at Apple Valley Unified School District since 2014. I absolutely love working at Apple and love working with high school students. I love and value all of the different cultures represented by my students and I feel fortunate that I get to be part of their lives for a short time :-) One thing about me that most students don’t know is that I was born in Compton...I am “straight outta Compton” and that I love Punk Rock music. In my younger days, you could find me in a mosh pit at a punk rock show.

Mr. Phillip Wallace

AVID Counselor, Students with last names starting with "O-Z" not assigned to a program specific counselor

ext. 71933

Bio: Hi! I am Phillip Wallace. I work with students whose last names start with P through Z and AVID students. I have been a school counselor since 2008 and have had the pleasure of serving at the best high school in the desert with my Sundevil family since 2018! I have a passion for experiencing different cultures (and food) leading to a lifelong goal to “live local” (not be a tourist) in at least one new country every year.

Ms. Christina Lopez

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

ext. 71938

Bio: I have been a therapist for 5 years. I moved to Apple Valley in 2020 and I am slowly learning the ropes. I also provide therapy in Spanish! I truly enjoy helping people feel better and know themselves better. I love this community and I am passionate about being a resource when life gets hard. My door is open to all students if you ever need someone to talk to.

Mr. Reginald Rogers

DMCC Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

ext. 71886


Ms. Kandice Adams

English/Journalism, C-16

ext. 71216

Bio: I teach English 1, ERWC, and Journalism.

Mrs. Tamara Alt

Science, -B-05

ext. 71105

Bio: I am an AVHS Graduate Class of 05. I have been teaching at AVHS for 9 years and am so excited to be back in the classroom!

Mrs. Chrystal Anderson

Science, B-2

ext. 71102

Bio: Lived in the desert since Bear Valley Road was only two lanes and the corner of Central and Bear Valley had the Waffle Iron Restaurant. I've been teaching since 2004 - elementary, middle school, and now High school. I'm married to my high school sweetheart, have two sons and one cat. I enjoy reading, hiking in the mountains, and playing Homescapes.

Mrs. Lourdes Anderson

VAPA, Draw/Paint, F-8

ext. 71408

Bio: I am the Draw-Paint teacher here at AVHS, with a bit of Theatre Design and Production included. I have had a life long love and appreciation of the arts and I have been an art educator in Apple Valley since 2008. I'm also an active participant in The California Arts Project as a teacher leader, where we create and present art based professional development for educators in the state. My background is in ceramics and art education, but have taught all forms of visual art during my career and hope to instill a life long appreciation for the arts in my students. I enjoy long walks in the desert, reading for fun, and playing with mud (clay) in my free time.

Coach Michael Arciniega

Math/e-Sports Coach, C-19

ext. 71219

Bio: I’m Mr. Arciniega, or Mr. A. I’ve taught at Apple Valley High School for 4 years and am an alumni of the school. I teach Math 1 and Avid 2. In my free time, I enjoy fishing, golf and watching sports.

Mrs. Stephanie Arredondo

CTE, MAHST teacher & Coordinator, H-8

ext. 71608

Bio: Mrs. Arredondo teaches in the MAHST Academy. She is the coordinator of the Academy and also teaches EMR. As a graduate of AVHS, 1997 specifically she enjoys working with kids, and teaching all things medical. She was a Respiratory Therapist for 12 years prior to teaching at AVHS since 2012. She is married with three children and enjoys time with family and friends.

Ms. Reyna Arvizu

English, C18

ext. 71218

Bio: This is my first year at Apple Valley High School and I couldn’t be more excited to be here! In my English class we will work on analyzing works of fiction and nonfiction, as well as engage in discussions and develop written works in the form of essays and creative writing. I am a huge believer in classroom culture and collaborative learning. Welcome back Sundevils!

Mrs. Amy Bateman

Instructional Coach/TOA/ English Teacher, F-1, E-08

ext. 71401

Bio: Hi. I am Mrs. Bateman.I am a SUNDEVIL for life: I have worked at Apple Valley High School since 1993, and am also an alumni.

Mrs. Sara Bisbee

English, C-27

ext. 71227

Bio: I love everything about English! Reading, writing, grammar, discussion, etc., I love it all! I'm an AV alumni, and have been teaching 5 years.

Mrs. Ellen Burke

Social Science, B-21

ext. 71121

Bio: I am an Apple Valley resident and graduate of Apple Valley High School and the University of Laverne. I am the advisor for National Honor Society and the AVHS Mock-Trial team. When I'm not teaching l enjoy traveling in search of new experiences and culture or hiking the mountains of California.

Mr. Kevinz Carpio

CTE/ MAHST Teacher, H-2

ext. 71602

Bio: Greetings, my name is Mr. Carpio and I teach in the MAHST Academy. I started teaching at Apple Valley High School in 2021. I am looking forward to another great year. Formerly worked at various high schools as a Certified Athletic Trainer rendering medical care to all student-athletes on campus. I am excited to bring my expertise into the classroom. Go Sundevils!

Mr. Ron Clabo

SEL/Interventionist/ PBIS, C-28

ext. 71228

Bio: I am in my 21st year of teaching and 11th at AVHS. I enjoy helping students make better decisions and think about being successful as adults. I agree with Mr Ostlie in that he is the nerdiest teacher on campus. I am a Senior Chief in the US Navy Reserves and just completed two years of mobilization in San Diego. I am incredibly happy to be back to work here and look forward to a great year.

Mr. Stephen Collins

English Teacher T-2

ext. 71802

Bio: English Instructor

Mrs. Allison Crosswhite

CTE/Culinary, K-2

ext. 71702

Bio: I am an Apple Valley High School alumni. I received my B.A. in Social Science from Cal State University, San Bernardino in 2009 and have 15 years of experience in the Food Service Industry. This led me to have my dream job helping students discover opportunities within the food service industry. In my free time, I spend time with my husband and two sons. We love to explore the outdoors, attend baseball games, read, watch movies, and of course, cook together!

Señorita Emelyn Diaz

World Languages/Spanish, C-30

ext. 71230

Bio: Welcome to Spanish! My name is Señorita Díaz, I look forward to working with one of your children, we are ready to have a fun year in Spanish!

CTE/Autoshop, C-07

ext. 71207

Bio: 1999 AVHS Graduate, Universal Technical Institute Grad, and AVHS Automotive Instructor since 2005.

Mr. Paul Dominguez

Science/Chemistry/Tennis Coach, B-12

ext. 71112

Coach Nick Downing

PE/Football Coach, GYM

ext. 71962

Mr. Chad Elmer

Science/Anatomy/ Physiology/AP Biology, B-3

ext. 71103

Bio: This is my 18th year at AVHS. I teach with an amazing Science Department with my Emphasis being Anatomy Physiology and AP Biology.

Mrs. Laura Elmer

Science/ Biology, B-13

ext. 71113

Bio: Hello! This is my 12th year teaching science, and my 5th at Apple. I find biology so fascinating and feel fortunate to get to teach something that is interesting and relevant to our daily lives.

Mr. Aldemar Escobar

History, C-22

ext. 71222

Ms. Laura Evangelista

World Languages/Spanish, C-36

ext. 71236

Ms. Randi Evans

VAPA/Ceramics, F-07

ext. 71407

Bio: I have been teaching art for over 20 years and ceramics at Apple Valley High School for over ten years.

Mr. Michael Failla

Mathematics, B-9

ext. 71109

Bio: I like hiking, gardening, and cooking.

Mr. Peter Fitzpatrick

English, T-13

ext. 71813

Bio: I have been teaching for 8 years and am very excited to be back in front of students. I have lived in the High Desert most of my life, and attended both VVC and Cal State San Bernardino, where I studied both English and Theatre Arts. I am teaching both 9th grade and 10th grade English with my awesome co-teacher, Mr. Stephenson.

Ms. Arely Flores

World Languages/ Spanish, C-31

ext. 71231

Mrs. Elizabeth Garcia

Science/ Chemistry, B-6

ext. 71106

Bio: I am Mrs. Garcia, a chemistry teacher here at AVHS. This is my first year with AVHS! I am coming from Cal Poly Pomona, teaching chemistry for eight years there, and before that a research chemist. My passion for working with people and teaching drove me out of the lab and into education, and I never regrated it. I am ready and excited for this new school year and to be welcomed as a Sundevil!

Mrs. Krista Gates

English/SAI, T-3

ext. 71803

I've been teaching since 2010, In my English classes we will work on improving writing and reading skills, along with a focus on enhancing student responsibility and maturity through the use of life lessons in different literature and thematic units. I am a proud Sundevil Alumni c/0 2000. Remember Sundevil Pride is Contagious!

Coach Kyle Godfrey

SAI/Head Football Coach, E-5

ext. 71305

Bio: 14th Year Teaching, Special Education Teacher, Head Football Coach

Mr. Mark Gutierrez

Math, H-4

ext. 71604

Bio: 12 years teaching math. 6th year at Apple High.

Mr. Tyler Haglund

Science/Physics/Chemistry, B-4

ext. 71104

Bio: Mr. Haglund is a 'new' dad, who loves to spend time exploring new things with his son, and getting to 'nerd out' with his students.

Mr. Jeff Hazan

Social Science, T-11

ext. 71811

Bio: I am a major history nerd who loves working with his students!

Mr. Donald Hedges

Social Science/Life Science/Math/Special Education, B-7

ext. 71107

Bio: I am a 1996 alumni of AVHS, and I am in my third year of teaching at AVHS. I am also in my 7th year of coaching freshman football, as well as my 4th year of coaching JV Baseball.

Ms. Louise Herington

English/Science/SAI, B-1, C-16

ext. 71101

Bio: I graduated from AVHS and got hired by the district a few weeks later when Steve Wozniak donated a bunch of Apple IIes. My job was to unpack those boxes and plug our new computers in to see what they could do. I was around kids all day and soon was hooked on becoming a teacher. It is the best job ever!

Mr. David Hernandez

Math III & Prob/Stats, C-14

ext. 71214

Bio: I have been teaching at Apple Valley High School since 2019 and am so proud to be a Sundevil! I have lived in Apple Valley since 2013 and it is an honor teaching in the district where my kids are growing up in. I have been a Math 3 teacher for the CAMP and MAHST academies. I am married and have 3 children, enjoy playing chess, am an avid blood donor (5 gallons so far), volunteer weekly at a local church, enjoy dirt bike riding with my son, and enjoy hiking.

Mr. William Hoegerman

CTE/ Precision Machining, C-3

ext. 71203

Bio: Background in mechanical engineering, machining, and biochemistry.

Coach Shanon Humphrey

Physical Education, ASB, GYM, A-3, T-12

ext. 71966

Bio: I am going into my 6th year as a PE teacher here at Apple Valley High School. I not only teach PE, but I run the Devils' CrossFit program after school as well. I love everything about fitness, sports and being outside in nature. I strive to live an active/healthy lifestyle and I hope to be a positive role model in in my students lives!

Miss. Carlee Johnson

CTE/ Sports Therapy, E-7

ext. 71307

Mrs. Hannah Justice

Special Education, T-27

ext. 71827

Bio: 2 years teaching SPED, 3 years teaching business courses abroad, Bachelors in Accountancy, Bachelors in Communicative Disorders, Masters in Education: Learning and Technology (In Progress).

Mrs. Susan Karlgren

Special Education, B-20

ext. 71120

Bio: I have worked at Apple Valley HS for the past 22 years. I have taught Moderate- Severe Students basic skills in all subject areas. I have and continue to work with the state of California in creating state standards as well as test question for students that take the California Alternative Assessment each year.

Ms. Diane Kennedy

English, C-24

ext. 71224

Mr. Dennis Killion

WIOA/Special Education, T-28

ext. 71828

Bio: I have been a Special Education Teacher for 31 years at Apple Valley High School. For the past 12 years, I have taught the Work Studies Transition Program. Here we support students who are deficient in credits, need more than 4 years to graduate and are interested in gaining paid work experience.

Mrs. Marites Killion

Language Arts, C-32

ext. 71232

Bio: Return to teaching after 10 years as an Allstate Insurance Agent and raising kids (Walker & Isabella). My whole family are currently here on campus. My husband, Dennis and I are former AVHS graduates. I come from a long line of AVHS graduates. Had multiple careers so I know the need for Vocational, Job and College-bound students. Hobbies are tennis and vacationing with my family.

Mr. Matthew Kobbe

History, H-3

ext. 71603

Dr. Tayari Kuanda

Social Sciences/Economics, B-15

ext. 71115

Bio: Dr. Kuanda is a social justice educational leader and advocate for all students. He began teaching in the social science department at AVHS in 2007. He received his Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership for Social Justice after obtaining a Masters Degree in Education and two Bachelor's degrees in History and Native American Studies. His areas of research and interests include ethnic and cross-cultural studies as well as matters related to student engagement, educational foundations, policy and law.

Ms. Priscilla Langarica

Adult Transition Program II, T-14

ext. 71814

I am Ms. Langarica (like "Costa Rica") or Ms. L. I teach the second of our two great adult transition program classes here at Apple Valley High. I recently earned my master's in special education from CSUSM. I am grateful for my awesome students, team of paras, sped. collaborators, and AVHS team. We'll explore life skills, social emotional regulation, proper hygiene, cooking, money management, and self-accountability. Our weekly community outings and job experiences will have students applying what we learn together. We will persist, persevere, prevail, and have a great year!

Mr. Joel Lewis

Special Needs, E-6

ext. 71306

Bio: I have been teaching at Apple Valley HS for the past 28 yrs. I am currently the Program Coordinator for the TPP Program and Have been for the last 21 years. I have served as the Head Basketball Coach and Head Tennis Coach during my years at AVHS.

Mr. Jonathan Lopez

Band, G-1

ext. 71501

Jennifer Lovelady

English, T-5

ext. 71805

Bio: I am a National Board Certified English teacher with 21 years of experience teaching all levels of high school English, including AP Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Seminar, and International Baccalaureate English. I spent most of my career in Phoenix and Las Vegas, but moved to California and here to Apple Valley just over three years ago.

Miss. Taylor Martinez

CTE/ Computer + Media Pathway, F-10

ext. 71410

Bio: Hi, I'm Miss T and I am the CAMP Advisor and teach multimedia one, two and three. I came to AVHS right out of the media industry -- where I worked at NBC Palm Springs as a Digital Content Manager and TV Host, Producer and Editor.

Mrs. Brooke McDaniel

Math, B-8

ext. 71108

Bio: Hello! My name is Mrs. McDaniel. I started teaching at AVHS in 2022 and have been teaching Math overall since 2018. I am looking forward to an incredible year! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Mr. Samuel McGrath

Social Sciences, B-14

ext. 71114

Bio: My name is Samuel McGrath. I was born and raised in Massachusetts. After college, I moved to California. I have taught the last six years in San Diego and Los Angeles. I moved to the High Desert about a year and a half ago to be closer to my then fiancée (now wife). I am happy to be a member of the Sundevil Community!

Mr. Jason Moore

Social Sciences, C-37

ext. 71237

Bio: AVID, AP History, Government, Economics, MAHST Academy, & CAMP Academy

Mr. Anthony Morales

Special Education/SAI, B-07

ext. 71177

Mrs. Janeth Moreno

Spanish, C-35

ext. 71235

Bio: I am Señora Moreno, my favorite hobbies are reading and hiking. I love teaching Spanish and Hispanic cultures.

Mrs. Eden Murphy

Instructional Coach/ TOA/ Math, E-8, F-1

ext. 71401

Mr. Ali Naim

VAPA/ Choir/Music Appreciation, G-6

ext. 71506

Bio: Choir and Music Appreciation Teacher

Ms. Zoeie Nottle

English, H-6

ext. 71606

Bio: I teach English II and American Literature. I have been teaching at AVHS since 2021. I love my job and what I do - I look forward to having an amazing year! Aside from that, I love my family. I am happily engaged and I have three children. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns

Mrs. April Olivares

Special Needs, T-26

ext. 71826

Bio: Hello! My name is Mrs. Olivares (Mrs O). I joined the AVHS family in 2022 and have been in the education world for 9 years. This is my 6th year teaching students with moderate to profound disabilities, ranging from Kindergarten to Transition age. My passion is developing and running programs for students with autism and integrating students with special needs into the school and wider community.

Mr. Ryan Ostlie

Computer Sciences, F-5

ext. 71405

Bio: I am the nerdiest teacher on campus and proud of it! I love to play music and keep class entertaining. Come let me prove to you that coding doesn't have to be hard or boring!

Coach Greg Pasqua

Social Science, T-09

ext. 71809

Bio: Dad, Teacher Coach, Musician, D.J.

Mr. Casey Penfold

CTE/ Welding, C-9/10

ext. 71210

Bio: I have been teaching the welding shop classes here at Apple Valley High School for 13 years. I have also been teaching welding at Victor Valley College for 5 years. I received my teacher training from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and I am a Certified Welding Inspector through the American Welding Society.

Mrs. Gretchen Peratt

CTE Coordinator/ Digital Learning Specialist/ TOA, F-04

ext. 71440

Bio: I have been teaching at THE High School since 2003. I am a proud Alumni, Class of '97! I have a Liberal Studies Bachelor's Degree from Cal State University, San Bernardino, and a Masters in Education from Azusa Pacific University. I am the former CAMP Coordinator and with the help of an amazing team, built the CAMP Academy to what it is today. I am happily married to the love of my life and we are blessed to have two beautiful children. I love helping people and my job.

Dr. Lindsay Petersen

World Languages/ English/ French, C-25

ext. 71225

Bio: Born in South Africa (B.A. in English and Psychology). Subsequent graduate degrees in French Pedagogy, Applied Linguistics and French Literature (Ph.D.) earned in Michigan, France, and New York. Married my wonderful spouse, Monica, in 1980. Blessed with 6 great children and a stunning grand-daughter. Taught/teaching at college and high school levels since the seventies: AVHS (since 2012) and VVC (since 2017).

Mr. Kendall Pontier

Social Science,T-08

ext. 71808

Bio: Graduated AVHS, Served in U.S. Coast Guard, Psychology degree at Westmont College, teaching at AVHS for 30 years. Married 32 years to wife Julie, have 3 great kids and 2 awesome grandkids. Member of High Desert Church 31 years.

Profe Holly Purser

World Languages/ Spanish, C-26

ext. 71226

Bio: Profe loves teaching Spanish at Apple Valley High School!

Mrs. Yvette Ramirez

World Languages/ Spanish, C-38

ext. 71238

Bio: Hola, I am Mrs. Ramirez. This is my 4th year teaching at AVHS. Looking forward to a fulfilling school year!

Mrs. Karina Razo

Mathematics, C-23

ext. 71223

Hello! My name is Mrs. Razo and I'm a Math teacher at Apple Valley High School. I've been teaching since 2021 and I'm loving every second of it! I have a wonderful husband who is a Math teacher at AHS and a beautiful cat named Meatloaf.

Mr. Joshua Rees

CTE/ Woodshop/ Graphics, C-1

ext. 71201

Bio: In this course, students discover and develop their skills in the craft and trade of Carpentry. This course is designed to serve students with limited background in carpentry and to serve students who enjoy learning through creativity and hands-on projects. Students will demonstrate their knowledge and skill level by completing several projects.This course also is an introductory course leading to an apprenticeship through the JATC (Joint Apprenticeship Training Center). In addition this course is articulated with VVC (Victor Valley College).

Ms. Veronica Resendiz

Special Needs, T-10

ext. 71810

Mr. Gabriel Rico

World Languages/ Spanish, C-17

ext. 71217

I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. When I was 22 years old, I moved to Pasadena, CA where I finished my General Education at Pasadena City College. From there, I went to Azusa Pacific University, received my B.A. in Spanish and a Master degree in Education. I also studied at California State University, Long Beach, obtaining a Master degree in Spanish. I have taught at the High School, Community College and University levels for many years. I enjoy working as a Spanish teacher at AVHS. In my leisure time, I enjoy playing chess and riding my bike.

Mr. Jeff Riddell

English/AVID, T-1

ext. 71801

Bio: Mr. Riddell has been fortunate enough to teach for the last twelve years, and even more fortunate to spend the last six at AVHS. He teaches English for juniors and seniors as well as AVID.

Ms. Mireya Rizo

English, Yearbook, C-39

ext. 71239

Coach Andrew Robbins

Mathematics, H-5

ext. 71605

Bio: This is my 5th year teaching Math 1 at AVHS. Graduated from University of Redlands with a BS in Mathematics. I'm lucky enough to share the same campus with my beautiful wife Mrs. Robbins, who also teaches math.

Mrs. Britta Robbins

Mathematics, F-6

ext. 71406

Bio: Hello! My name is Mrs. Robbins and I teach math 2 and math 2 honors. I have been teaching since 2017 and working at Apple since 2019. I have the honor of being a teacher involved in our wonderful MAHST and CAMP academies as well as the honor of being an advisor for our amazing ASB. I am looking forward to an incredible year! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Mr. Ralph Rodriguez

Special Needs, T-24

ext. 17824

Señor Christian Ruiz

Instructional Coach/TOA/Peers, T-4, F-1

ext. 71401

Bio: I’ve been teaching for 15 years. Love my job and love my family. I’m married and I have two beautiful children.

Ms. Emily Ruiz

VAPA/ Theatre/Performing Arts, G-2

ext. 71502

Bio: Ms. Ruiz got her theatre education from CSUF, and ever since, has found joy in helping students discover a love for the theatre, providing a safe space for creativity, and directing!

Coach Ramon Sandoval

Biology, B-16

ext. 71116

Coach Golden Scudder

Physical Education, GYM

ext. 71965

Bio: My name is Golden Scudder. I have been teaching physical education since 2007 in our district. I have been at AVHS since 2014 as a PE teacher and coach for volleyball. I support our students in all their endeavors, whether it be sports or academics.

Mr. Mark Siroonian

Mathematics, C-12

ext. 71212

Bio: My name is Mark Siroonian. Math and Music have always been two of my favorite subjects. I love teaching math, and playing music, mostly guitar in my free time.

Señor Jeffrey Soto

Physical Education/Spanish, Gym, T-4

ext. 71961

Bio: Happily married man with 4 children who make me proud, most days!

Ms. La Trisha Spagna

Special Education, Math, C-28

ext. 71228

Miss. Shannon Spini

Special Education, B-19

ext. 71119

Bio: I am a proud 2005 Sundevil alumni entering my 14th year working for AVUSD. My students and I enjoy collaborating and working with the many different sports teams and departments on campus. From life skills to vocations, we cover all subjects and are involved in the amazing culture of AVHS Sundevil Country.

Mr. Tosh Stephenson

Special Education/English, T-13

ext. 71813

Bio: I've been teaching for 10 years with this being my 5th at AVHS. I love what I do and I love it here and GO SUNDEVILS!

Ms. Bethany Thompson

Digital Learning Coordinator/ TOA, F-04

ext. 71404

Mrs. Briana Tluczek

CTE, Ag Sciences, C-08

ext. 71208

Ms. Alysia Uribe

Science, C-08

ext. 71118

Mrs. Sylvia Vairin

CTE, Ag Sciences, C-08

ext. 71208

Ms. Gema Venegas

Mathematics, C-20

ext. 71220

Bio: My name is Gema Venegas. This is my tenth year teaching and first year at Apple Valley High School. I am excited to be a part of the Sundevil family. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. My email address is .

Mrs. Marianne Watson

CTE/ Graphic Communications, F-11/12

ext. 71411

Bio: Mrs. Watson teaches Graphic Communications I,II, and III. She also is involved with both the CAMP and MAHST Academies. As a graduated of AVHS, she values the Sundevil spirit and loves watching her students plan, design, and produce amazing things!

Ms. Youlia Weber

Mathematics, C-21

ext. 71221

Bio: Associate in Science - VVC, BA in Human Development, Summa Cum Laude, APU, Single Subject Credential in Mathematics, APU

Rachel Weschler

Mathematics, C-13

ext. 71213

Mrs. Amber Westendorf

Social Science/ History, E-03

ext. 71303

Bio: This is my 21st year of teaching and I love my job more than ever before. I graduated high school from San Gorgonio in San Bernardino, then I received my Bachelor's at UCLA. At UCLA I found my love for kids when I was a camp counselor. Soon after graduating from college I worked towards my teaching credential and Master in Instructional Technology at Cal State San Bernardino. I have taught elsewhere, which is why I appreciate AVHS so much. It is a fantastic school and I am proud to be a Sundevil!

Mrs. Amy Young

English, E-04

ext. 71304

Bio: I have taught English and independent study for twelve years. I love teaching English and really enjoy working with students as they learn and grow throughout the year. I've lived in Apple Valley for the past four years and love the community here. I am beyond thrilled to be a part of the Sundevil family and am so grateful to be back on campus with our amazing students. I look forward to this wonderful new school year!

Ms. Korina Zepeda

English, C-29

ext. 71229

AVHS Support Staff

Mrs. Alicia Alonso

Discipline Secretary, A6, Control

ext. 71921

Ms. Ashley Andrade

Student Information Coordinator

ext. 71919

Ms. Natalie Carreno

Admin Clerk/Independent Studies

ext. 71836

Mr. Rick Clift

Plant Manager

ext. 71975

Mrs. Jenny Collins

Principal Secretary/Office Coordinator

ext. 71915

Bio: I am a 1993 AVHS graduate and have worked in the Activities and Athletics office for 11 years.

Mrs. Belen Colon

CTE Specialist

F-4 ext. 71926

Bio: I have been working at AVHS in the CTE department since 2006. I have two kids, who also attend/attended AVHS. #GoDevils

Mrs. Cheryl Delahousie

Sub Secretary

ext. 71917

Bio: I am a mom of 4 and a grandma to 6 beautiful grandchildren. I have been with AVUSD for 6 years and I love it!

Ms. Sonia Gutierrez


ext. 71916

Ms. Nataly Herrera

Career Guidance Specialist, C-34

ext. 71234

Bio: I am the Career Guidance Specialist for Apple Valley High School. My mission as a professional is to ensure effective Career Guidance that will enhance all students’ attitudes, skills, and knowledge needed in preparation for post-secondary education, career development, and becoming a productive citizen of our society. I have always enjoyed helping our youth in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices. I assist students in different areas, such as college planning and applications. Financial Aid, Scholarships, Career Exploration, Work permits and much more.

Mrs. Daysia Jackson

Front Gate- Office Assistant

ext. 71925

Mr. Steve Jackson

ASB Bookkeeper

ext. 71956

Ms. Tiffani Knox

Admin Clerk/Front Office

ext. 71901

Ms. Patty Kubovsak

ASB/ Athletics Secretary, A-3

ext. 71951

Bio: At AVHS for 5 years.

Ms. Rosemary Lozada

Counseling Secretary

ext. 71931

Mrs. Ashley Mathews

Attendance Secretary

ext. 71906

Ms. Kim Torres

Health Office

ext. 71941

Mrs. Denise Zamora


ext. 71851

Bio: I have happily been working for AVUSD for 25 years and love working in the library. AVHS is the most awesome school to work for - GO DEVILS!!