School-Wide Supports

AVHS offers various programs and support services on our campus that benefit the social emotional well-being and safety for our Sundevil Family

AVUSD has partnered with Care Solace, an online resource with a live 24/7 concierge meant to assist individuals in finding local mental health related programs and counseling services. Visit this their website or call (888) 515-0595 to speak to someone on the concierge team.

It is the belief of AVHS counselors that they can make a difference with students through relationships, and see themselves as a advocates for students. As well as grade level counselors, we have an academy counselor and an ELD counselor to meet the needs of our students.  Access to counselors is available through the open-door policy and appointments are set up through the counseling secretary.  Counselors assist students by creating 4 year plans which provide college and career readiness paths, preparing plans for credit recovery, registering student for classes, advocating in IEPs, providing information regarding college entrance exams, administering the PSAT, and assisting in crisis management.


The purpose of the Peer Program is to provide one-on-one and group support sessions, conflict mediation, healthy life choice campaigns, crisis intervention, and post-intervention for AVHS students and their peers. It is also the purpose of the program to assist students to perform these tasks and promote personal growth. The Peer Program provides its members with a chance to build leadership skills and to learn and practice active listening skills.   PEERs was established to assist the student body of AVHS by providing support with situations and emotions so students are able to concentrate and be engaged in their academic learning during the school day.

School Leadership Team (SLT)

The School Leadership Team consists of students, parents, teachers, community members, classified personnel, and administrators. Its main purpose is to lead the decision-making process regarding academics and school climate. Because SLT uses a consensus model where all votes are equal, it is important that all entities involved with the school are represented.

School Site Council

Student Site Council plays a vital role in planning for the needs of the school. The committee of teachers, classified staff, the principal, parents, and students collaborate to support student learning by deciding how to distribute federal funds to best meet the needs of all students. They meet monthly to review WASC goals and the federal budget.  They are a caring group of people dedicated to improving the lives of children. 

SELPA Student Assistance Program and Counseling

AVHS’ counselors can assist parents and students with referrals to the Desert Mountain Children’s Center SELPA where students may receive counseling services at no cost to the student. Link to the Desert Mountain Children’s Center SELPA explanation of SAP: