Inservice Evaluation Form







4 - Excellent

Exceeded expectations: worked independently, organized,in depth knowledge of material,

3 - Average

Met expectations: worked independently, organized, grasp of subject sufficient to answer questions

2 - Fair

Below expectations: required assistance, lack of preparation

1 - Poor

Well below: required assistance, lack of preparation poor knowledge of subject

I. Content

A. Choice of topic:

1. Interesting Subject

2. Pertinent Subject

3. Timely Subject

4. Level of Difficulty

5. Geared to Audience

B. Organization:

1. Was the presentation well organized?

2. Did presentation demonstrate thorough preparation?

3. Was the presentation understandable and logical?

4. Was the presentation complete?

5. Did the student demonstrate thorough knowledge of the subject?

6. Was the information correct and up-to-date?

7. Did the student use appropriate references?

II. Presentation

A. Appearance:

B. Speaking Ability:

1. Voice Volume

2. Poise

3. Eye Contact

4. Nervous Habits

C. Did the student demonstrate confidence?

D. Did the student demonstrate enthusiasm?

E. Did the presentation hold the interest of the audience?

F. Audio-visuals:

1. Clear and Effective

2. Enhance Presentation

III. Discussion

A. Student's ability to respond to questions in appropriate manner.

B. Did the student respond to questions with appropriate information

or referral to references?

IV. Comments

A. Identify strong points of the presentation.

B. Suggestions for future presentations.

C. Additional Comments:

Signature Clinical Instructor:

Signature Student: