Womanist Method:

Appropriation and Reciprocity

WHat is womanism?

Many people may wonder what womanism is, and in the process of researching the word "womanism" or "womanist", people may come across many terms and definitions. But the truth of reality is: Womanism doesn't have a concrete definition.


The making of a thing private property, whether another's or (as now commonly) one's own; taking as one's own or to one's own use.


The practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one to another.

Women, who like their biblical fore-mothers, were legally, socially and even spiritually relegated to the edges of the church and society. These women, by Mother Wit, sheer will and passionate determination charted their own course, rewriting definitions of what is means to be Black, female, and made in the image of God.