Lending Library

The Asexuality SF Lending Library allows our members to lend and borrow books on asexuality related topics, including both fiction and nonfiction. Please see below for a current list of titles. (Note: the listing has two tabs, one for fiction and one for nonfiction. You can toggle between tabs by clicking the labels at the bottom of the table).

How to borrow a book from the library:

To borrow a book (or to place a hold on books that are not currently available), please contact the person listed in the right hand column under "contact". Once your request to borrow a book has been approved, the current holder will work with you to make arrangements for pickup. By default, lending periods are for 3 weeks, but this period can be extended as long as there are no readers on the waiting list for a given book.

The current location of items is given under the "current location" column - while some holders may be able to deliver loaned books, in general please assume that you will have to arrange to pickup an item somewhere near it's current location.

For items with a status other than "available" , you can also request a hold by the same process.

How to contribute a book from the library:

If you have any asexuality-related books that you would like to lend out, or if you would like to donate to the library, please let us know at info@asexuality.org! There are three ways to contribute to the library:

  • Direct loans: If you would like to directly approve and handle loans of your materials yourself, just send us the book info and your preferred contact information, and we can give you access to add it to the library list. Borrowers will be instructed to contact you to borrow items, and you will have full control over when and who you want to lend items to (and can withdraw items from the library at any time).
  • Loans through Asexuality SF: If you would rather have us handle the logistics of arranging for storage and loans and pickups, you can also loan books to the library on a semi-permanent basis. We'll handle storage and lending of the books, but all items remain yours and you can request to withdraw them at any time.
  • Permanent Donations to the Asexuality SF Library: Finally, you can also donate books for permanent use by the Ace SF Lending Library. To see what books have been requested recently, please see the wishlist tab in the document below.

How to request that a book be added to the library:

If you would like to request to add a book to our wishlist, contact us at info@asexuality.org! The ability to add new books depends on what donations and other funding priorities we have.

Asexuality SF Lending Library