General Ace Resources

Asexuality 101 Resources:

Further Reading - In Our Own Words:

Further Reading - Nonfiction Books:

Asexual Activist Organizations:

Dedicated Online Ace Communities:

Social Media Ace Communities

Community Organizing Resources:

  • Asexual Groups: A fairly comprehensive directory of offline ace meetups from around the world, and the quickest way to find any existing asexual groups near you.

  • AVEN’s How to Get Involved: A good introduction for individuals looking for ways to get involved in asexual activism

Recursos en Español:

Coming Out as Asexual:

For Ace-Spectrum Survivors of Sexual Violence:

Asexual Research Resources:

Asexual History

Ace-Friendly LGBT Organizations

  • Bi Resource Center

  • The Trevor Project: A national 24-hour, toll free confidential suicide hotline for LGBTQ youth. All their volunteers receive specific training and education about asexuality.

Bonus Aromantic Resources