Asexuality SF

Aces of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area

Asexual: someone who experiences little to no sexual attraction

It's a simple enough definition, but the reality is much more complex.

Asexuality SF is dedicated to creating community spaces for aces of all stripes. We host regular social meetups every month, which are open to anyone, whether you're asexual, grey-asexual, demisexual, questioning, or just a friend. Monthly meetups currently rotate between San Francisco, Berkeley, and Sunnyvale. We also host occasional special events, including an annual Ace unConference every summer. For more information on our regular meetups or to find out if there are any upcoming special events, check out our page.

In addition to providing supportive spaces for community members, Asexuality SF is also dedicated to raising awareness outside of the ace community and educating others on how they can be more inclusive of individuals on the asexual spectrum. If you or your organization are interested in learning more about what you can do to be inclusive of asexuals, gray-asexuals, and demisexuals, please contact us at

Asexuality SF is a local group of aces dedicated to building resources and community spaces for asexuals, demisexuals, gray-asexuals and anyone else who identifies with asexuality, and to promoting the acceptance and understanding of asexuality and the ace community throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

You can contact us directly at