Team Policies

Running and skiing teams

  1. ASD school rules apply at all official practices, races, and ski team events. Violation of some school rules may be grounds for dismissal from team.

  2. If there is a problem with a coach, another athlete, a parent, or anyone else then please talk to a different coach or teacher or the activities principal at East High. Do not let issues grow by leaving them unaddressed.

  3. Equipment checked out must be returned clean or athletes will be issued a fine through the school FDCC office.

  4. Think Safety! Ski/run with a buddy. Hazards include but are not limited to wildlife, crazy people, getting lost, falling, hypothermia, frostbite, bees and more. Skiers need to be particularly careful about ice, sharp ski pole tips, wax irons, heat guns, and electrical circuits. At all times be careful, err on the side of caution, use your head, and consider the consequences of your actions. We are generally safe but need to be vigilant in the outdoors and in the ski wax room.

  5. At practice athletes are expected to go where the coaches direct them (if they are directed). Intentionally going different directions or trying to avoid coaches and other athletes is a safety hazard and means an athlete is skipping practice and we are not liable for any problems. Let coaches know if you are unsure of directions or where you are supposed to go (SPEAK UP!).

  6. Lettering awards will go to athletes who are on varsity for half the races, and seniors.

  7. State skiing team selection for skiing will be based on results for the entire season, weighting recent results more. Coaches may use discretion selecting these teams. There is no perfect system for this, and someone may feel left out. Coaches will do their best. State running team selection is based only on results from the region IV championship.

  8. Be a good sport and have a positive attitude. We are here for the challenge of athletics and to have fun. Do not take any actions that would make others feel worse; in fact do take actions that would make others feel better. This is expected behavior. If you are having a bad day, let a coach know or possibly skip practice.

  9. Take care of school work, chores, job duties and the like. Sports is only one aspect of our lives, so don't neglect the rest.

  10. You are expected to go to practice every day it is held if you reasonably can. If you cannot go due to school work, a job, music practice, appointments, or other family events you are expected to communicate this with a coach before you miss practice.

  11. Be helpful. Let me know what I am forgetting....