2017 Greener Facilities Conference & Expo

This November was the first-ever Greener Facilities Conference & Expo! This event served to better understand and address climate change and the associated cost-savings. The two-day conference & expo, held Nov 9 to 10, 2017, featured:

  • Education from speakers addressing specific opportunities and challenges associated with energy efficiency and a reduced ecological footprint.
  • Innovative new technology products and services demonstrated by companies and consultants at the tradeshow expo, helping facilities deliver on their environmental and efficiency goals.
  • Best practices sharing through sessions and networking with other like-minded sector practitioners
  • Real-life solutions from municipalities and organizations who have already moved to energy efficient methods
  • Information on grants, funding and cost-saving

The Greener Facilities Conference & Expo was conducted to prepare and educate Alberta-based facility managers and municipal staff on new technologies and innovation, share best practices, link programs that modify occupant behavior with infrastructure improvements, and address funding options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their facilities and/or outdoor spaces.

Generous funding from the Community Environment Action Grant program

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