Our Team

Aqua Insight was founded to bring together an experienced team of Engineers and Hydrogeologists to provide insightful interpretation and analysis of real-world data. Together, our team provides a wealth of experience in water supply, water management,  contaminant characterization, and fate and transport assessment for municipal, industrial and mining clients.

We offer our clients a strong and capable network of experts, industry leaders, and innovative professionals.

Who We Are

Paul J. Martin - Founder

Paul Martin, Founder and Principal Consultant at Aqua Insight Inc., has over 30 years of experience specializing in the characterization and assessment of hydrogeologic systems to understand groundwater flow and contaminant transport. Having successfully completed several hundred hydrogeologic investigations, he has gained a wealth of experience in the practical application of data collection and analysis tools to achieve advanced site characterization and assessment. Recognizing the role of numerical models as decision making tools, he has developed expertise in their application, including the incorporation of detailed hydrogeologic structure, and uncertainty quantification.  Registered Professional Engineer in Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

Paul J. Martin

Patricia  Meyer - Senior Hydrogeologist

Patricia Meyer, Senior Hydrogeologist at Aqua Insight Inc., has over 20 years experience conducting water supply, water budget, groundwater vulnerability, contaminant transport and watershed characterization assessments in sites across Canada, USA and South America. Water resource management projects are approached holistically with an appreciation and understanding of the interconnections between the groundwater and surface water flow systems and their roles in maintaining ecosystem health. Registered Professional Geoscientist in the Provinces of Ontario and Alberta. 

Patricia Meyer

Barry Brouwers - Senior Modelling Specialist

Barry Brouwers, Senior Groundwater Modelling Specialist at Aqua Insight Inc., has over 15 years experience developing and applying detailed numerical modelling tools using FEFLOW, MODFLOW and HydroGeoSphere.  Paying great attention to detail, Barry ensures that technical excellence is employed in every step of the data management, assessment, and analysis process.  This includes organization of data in a structured relational database, geostatistical interpretation using specialized data assessment and spatial mapping tools, and detailed numerical modelling assessment that includes prediction uncertainty analyses. 

Barry Brouwers

Gaelen Merritt - Senior Modelling Specialist

Gaelen Merritt is a groundwater modelling specialist with 10 years of project experience. Mr. Merritt has supported a wide array of environmental projects with the development and application of numerical flow and mass transport models. Project experience includes source water protection projects for several Ontario municipalities, assessment remediation and reclamation projects across Canada, and characterization of flow directions and fluxes in fractured rock settings in the United States. Mr. Merritt has completed the model development, calibration, uncertainty analysis, and model predictions for dozens of projects across North America. He is proficient in FEFLOW, MODFLOW and HYDRUS 1D software codes, and routinely employs a suite of technical tools (e.g., PEST, Python, Javascript, VBA, GIS, and SQL based databases) to complete and analyze each modelling task and provide unique insights through interactive visualization of observation data and model results.  

Gaelen Merritt

Joelle Langford - Hydrogeologist and Groundwater Modeller

Joelle Langford is a hydrogeologist and groundwater modeller with Aqua Insight Inc.  She is a Professional Geoscientist with expertise in groundwater modelling (FEFLOW, PEST), data management, GIS, custom tool development (Python) and three-dimensional visualization.  Joelle has an academic background in geology and hydrogeology (B.Sc. Queens, M.Sc. Western), is experienced with various hydraulic and hydrogeologic field investigation methods. At Aqua Insight, she integrates her field and numerical modelling  experiences to develop conceptual site models, solve applied problems using numerical modelling and other custom software tools.  She has experience working on water resource management sites across Canada and abroad.

Joelle Langford

Maria Digaletos - Hydrogeologist

Maria Digaletos is an Intermediate Hydrogeologist at Aqua Insight Inc. Maria has over five years of experience working in environmental consulting with application in hydrogeology. She has experience in a variety of projects related to water quality and quantity assessment, groundwater modeling, application of geospatial statistics, environmental compliance, and development of conceptual site models. Her academic background is in Earth Sciences (B.Sc. Western, M.Sc. Waterloo) with a focus on geology and hydrogeology. Maria is a registered Professional Geoscientist in the Province of Ontario.

Maria Digaletos

Jon Martin - Junior Data Specialist

Jon Martin is a junior data management specialist with Aqua Insight Inc.  Jon's specialty is working with databases of borehole and groundwater data and creating custom GIS tools to effectively display and analyze hydrogeology data.  Demonstrating exceptional data management skills, Jon ensures that data can be accurately and quickly assessed and interpreted to develop physically-based insight.   His skills have been demonstrated at sites across Canada and overseas.

Jon Martin

Steve Livingstone - Associate

Steve Livingstone is an Associate who regularly works with Aqua Insight Inc.  Steve serves clients across industry and government sectors with over 30 years of experience managing multifaceted hydrogeological and environmental projects requiring innovative and novel approaches. Stephen brings deep expertise managing hydrogeological studies, environmental assessments, preparing remediation action plans, contaminant fate and transport evaluations, computer modeling, complex site remediation, site specific risk assessment projects, and strategic environmental policy and management systems across Canada and internationally.  Stephen is a licensed member of the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut and Professional Geoscientist in Ontario and Professional Association of Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia. 

Steve Livingstone

Michelle Bester - Associate

Michelle Bester is an Associate who regularly works with Aqua Insight Inc.  Michelle is a groundwater scientist with 20-years of fundamental and applied experience computational hydrogeology.  Michelle holds Bachelor and Master’s degrees from the University of Waterloo, where she specialized in Earth Science and Computer Sciences.  Michelle has focused on groundwater modelling throughout her career and has built, calibrated and applied numerous groundwater models for groundwater flow and contaminant transport assessments.  Michelle’s work has been devoted to assisting municipal clients with groundwater management and protection, including the assessment of road salt infiltration on groundwater resources and the long-term migration of such non-point-source pollutants toward municipal wells. 

Michelle Bester