Credit Recovery Summer 2022

June 15-17

Wednesday, June 15th

Check in: What do you value?

Our plan for these three days and final assignment/assessment

Model literary analysis

Read "Thank You, M'am" by Langston Hughes

What are some of Roger's values? Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones' values?

Values Frame for one of the characters and their two values

Model Body paragraph

Begin writing body paragraphs

Share a doc with me with your name and CR2022 as the title

Thursday, June 16th

Continue working on body paragraphs

body paragraph checklist

Check in: Possessives and Summary

How to write an Introduction?

Summary examples

Model essay

Write your introduction

HW-Bring in completed: 2 body paragraphs and an introduction

Friday, June 18th

How to write a Conclusion?

Rewriting: How to get to the best draft to get the best grade:

Passage checklist and example

Reread, double space, heading. Watch this video on formatting

Turn in your assignment by having me preview and give feedback

Share your doc with me if you haven't already