Gallery 3

ACT TWO: Conclusion

"Welcome to the sacrifice." See the adorable ox we're sacrificing for the Festival?

Leda: "I have some questions to ask."

"Quiet, you cannot speak." "What if I were to prove to you I am no slave?" Leda proves she is more free than Mastor, Mayor, High Priest, or Citizen.

Leda is granted her freedom for her wisdom. The Mayor is booed off the stage. The Citizens decide to elect Meno mayor.

There's been a cease-fire! The Soldier returns.

The Soldier explains himself. Phaedra arrives looking for the Mayor, with a surprise.

"But the Old Woman said I would raise another man's baby." "Now that you're the mayor, you are another man."

The Chorus sums everything up with an inspirational poem, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Curtain Call.

The end! Thanks for joining us.