Gallery 2


The group decides to go to the High Priest, and Crito greets him.

The High Priest talks about the "job satisfaction" he finds in sacrificing the ox. The Mayor tells him about their "blessed situation."

The High Priest, "You think this is a blessing? Do you know what Hera will do to us?" The Chorus screams in terror.

"Hera, you do not want to be on her shit list! In the movie, she would be played by Glenn Close."

They pray for Hera not to punish them. "What are we going to do?"

She must go into exile. "Yeah, exile."

"You can really whip a crowd into a frenzy... but what voice do they listen to?"

"Maybe we should consult the Oracle." "That's it! They listen to the Oracle!' High five.

"Won't someone help an Old Beggar Woman...washed up in the storm?" "You, you're the one who told me my Fate!" "I-I don't remember."

The High Priest and Mayor bring "herbs" to the Oracle. "We just want to rap with you, man. ...What do people ask you about?"

Suddenly the Oracle has a vision. "Quick, someone is coming."

The Mayor arranges an assignation with Phaedra. Leda goes to the Oracle. "What's the plan? The Gods must have a plan for me."

Phaedra also consults the Oracle, about whether to leave Meno. The kids beat up young Socrates every day after school.

Leda chases away the kids. She and Socrates have a philosophical discussion as she contemplates throwing herself off a cliff.

Socrates teaches Leda the value of questions. The Mayor tempts Crito to take advantage of his position as the Oracle's Interpreter.

The Beggar Woman spies Crito hiding behind the Mayor. "Hi Mom." "You've been a very naughty boy!" See next page for the conclusion at the Festival!