An Old Beggar Woman tells Leda her fate--she will be captured in the war and sold into slavery in Athens.

Meno has bought Leda after her hometown was destroyed. She meets a soldier in the market.

He tells her he is Zeus in disguise. The Chorus muses on their romantic encounter.

A fixer named Crito got Meno a black market pig. Phaedra is primping for the Mayor's visit that evening.

Leda's thoughts as the Master has ordered her to "expose" the baby haunt her. Young Socrates stops by to help.

Socrates suggests she consult the Oracle. The Chorus introduces the Oracle.

The Oracle appears.

"That's a long question." Crito asks Leda if she knows what happened to the Old Beggar Woman.

The Mayor is pleased with Crito's black market profits. They go to Meno's for dinner.

They've brought goat for the first course. The Mayor likes Phaedra.

The Mayor wants Meno in his pocket. He also likes Leda. "What's the matter? I can't make you any more pregnant."

The Mayor is excited that Leda is having Zeus's baby, as it's good publicity. But he wants to change her story. "A soldier? Not a ram or a big bird or a bull?"

Phaedra thinks Meno is the father. The Old Beggar Woman comes back, telling Meno he will raise another man's baby. END OF ACT ONE