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Unity Prototyper

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2018 June: ArKit, C#, Unity Shaders, Unity Real time Audio, Physics, AR / VR

Realistic behavior is the goal.

July 2018 Augmented Reality with ArKit 1.5


  • zone detection for game objects
  • works on GPU, frees up CPU
  • limited physics in shader
  • 3d zones with layered shaders
  • computer vision avoidance

Simple 28x28 Image Classifier NN

Neural Network Classifier

Using 28x28 images, 784-node input layer, two 16-node hidden layers, 10-node output layer in Unity. Custom activation.

Autonomous Driving Simulator Platform


Exploring AutoDrive concepts in Unity C#. A three-day project to set up a learning environment for historical prediction and other concepts.

Studying Fibonacci and Neural Networks

Numbers at an 8 year old level

Trying out a fibonacci style neural layout, which seems to ignore pattern shift successfully.

I want to work with Unity 2018.

Conceptual thinking and prototyping skills to improve on existing ideas or create new ones.

Fast turn-around and good communication skills.

Lots of experience in fast Unity prototyping, optimizing, intellectual property, mesh control, simple physics, pass-thru video, billboarding, positioning, sensors and robotics, raspberry pi, 3d printing, drones, cabling, linux, c#, computer vision, machine learning.

Cool Achievements mid 2016 thru 2017

The last 18 months have been a fantastic experience at a "stealth mode startup", in Scotts Valley, CA. Here are some of my learning experiences:


Top Achievement 2017

Billboarding: More content with less CPU

To render multiple complex objects at 120 fps. By using several virtual cameras and billboards, filming one "heavy" 3D object, we can convincingly display billboarded copies each with their own AI, using the remainder of available CPU.

Intellectual Property

Top Achievement 2017

Intellectual Property: 2D / 3D Content Security

When intellectual property rights for 3D content need to be protected, keeping content on secure servers is crucial. Content is communicated with billboarded 2D video streams. For stereoscopic 3D, content can be shared using two billboards per viewer. Synchronized sensor data is sent back. This is a good business model for sharing proprietary content.

Mesh Control

Top Achievement 2017

Mesh Control for CPU Optimization

Mesh control is the ability to individually control thousands of quads for fish ai. One mesh instead of thousands of game objects is used. One or more images is displayed on thousands of individual quads in a single mesh with individual AI.

Simple Physics

Top Achievement 2017

Simple Physics

In addition to mesh-based quads and billboards, simple physics is used to create fish snakes or nettle tentacles with game object segments that follow each other. Simple physics limits the physics to what we need, using less CPU.


Unity 2017, Coding and iOS

I started with Unity in mid 2016, creating MindRaft (left image) as part of my interview process. Unity is great for fast prototyping, direct pass-thru video, Vuforia, HTC Vive, Leap, UDP, webcams and sensors.

Fish AI

Act Like a Fish

Fish AI brings game objects, mesh quads and procedural meshes to life, acting like fish, snakes, and nettles. Using look and target points, efficient CPU usage is achieved.

Hardware Support

Hardware Support

Hardware support includes cables, diagrams, charging and maintenance. HDMI, USB and power cables are used with a variety of connectors. Lightweight, tightly wrapped cabling is critical to a good presentation.



Accurate positioning is currently a challenge. HTC Vive, ZED, Leap, Vuforia and others are being explored. In-house experiments, like RGB positioning are useful for gaining knowledge and insight.


Communication with Team Members

Diagrams are used to communicate in 2D. OmniGraffle is a favorite of mine for more formal, worked-out ideas. Sketches is a fast way to go thru several ideas or to communicate rapidly. Speaking in person, one-on-one, is also necessary.

Sensor and Robotics

Sensors and Robotics

Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Parallax, Linux, Servos, LED's, PWM are used to transmit video streams and sensor data between servers, linux devices, and mobile devices. Infrared and proximity sensors and lasers are also used.

3D Printing

3D Printing

3D Printing is used to generate quick 3d models of a prototype concept, and functional finished products.

Vuforia and AR

Vuforia and Augmented Reality

Using markers to position virtual objects in the real world is a complement to 3D positioning systems. Stereoscopic 3D pass-thru video (stereo AR) is done with two webcams and proper virtual camera and screen game object placement.


Viewer Design

Prototyping 2D and stereoscopic (3D) viewers is a big part of setting up a demo space.


Drones with Unity

Drones are used as sensor platforms to collect data and send that data back when possible. Unity or iOS use UDP to send commands to multiple drones simultaneously.

Game Of Life

Game of Life, (J. Conway) is a great exercise for an interview. Here is my experience with this amazing algorithm. This exercise includes both 2D and 3D with some open-ended challenges.

cvPong (Computer Vision 2D)

Updating a Pong-like exercise with computer vision (used in 2D) along with vector-estimating for paddle placement.

cvBots (Computer Vision 3D)

Following a green ball in 3D using stereoscopic camera vision, showing estimated distance with color.

cvFollow (mono cv)

Follow brightest green object, and turn when lost. Experimenting with blobs to identify and follow the largest blob (closest ball). In progress

cvArm (segments and joints)

Working with random numbers, joints and segments to control an arm. Simple code for remembering history for faster real-time reaction time.

Hand (random forward kinematics)

Using multiple fingers and joints.

Mass (Unity Reflect)

Reflection between sphere vs sphere and sphere vs plane.

Neural Network (home grown variant)

A N(N-1) network that values distance and signal ratios.

Quickies (interview questions)

Some one hour challenges, fully documented!


Exploring QuadTrees in Unity C#


Exploring OctTrees in Unity C#

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