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Enneadic Star Pronaos

"Man is the free agent to choose whether he will work in harmony with the universal law of rhythm, or whether he will choose rightly or wrongly.  But the result of his choice will automatically follow, and this inevitable result constitutes a manifestation of the law of compensation.

 He who chooses rightly and works in harmony with the law becomes the master of his fate, while he who fails to choose rightly and works out of harmony with the law is a slave to fate and a victim of destiny unconsciously created" 

- Harvey Spencer Lewis

Enneadic Star Pronaos (ESP) continues the tradition of maintaining an AMORC affiliated body in the Portland area. This tradition extends back at least to 1927, beginning with a chartered Oregon lodge in Portland, which for a long time was called Portland Rose Lodge and later Enneadic Star Lodge. Responding dynamically to the needs of the times, it subsequently operated as a Chapter and then a Pronaos over the years, with several changes of meeting location. Currently, we have meeting locations in Portland and Wilsonville We now have in-person meetings at Frog Pond Grange in Wilsonville and soon at Parkrose Lodge in Portland.

We also meet virtually over Zoom, usually on Saturday and Sunday afternoons with videos for members only. Please check the Rosicrucian Community Events site for details where new events are added weekly.

*Covid masking requirements:  We follow the Oregon State Health Authority guidelines on masking for our meetings. Currently, masks are NOT required for our meetings, although members and non-members may still mask if they wish. 

Latest Updates:

June 2023:

Maryhill Washington has a replica of Stonehenge that sits atop a lovely cliff with views of Oregon and Washington and the Columbia river.  For the past few years we have met at this replica to participate in the Council of Solace and to spread peace throughout the world.   Some years we had booked rooms at nearby hotels, and made a full program of events the Saturday before and Sunday of.  This year we're being a bit more modest in our activities and will have the Council meeting around 12:05 (when the American English Grand Lodge has its daily Council of Solace) and a picnic at the Maryhill State Park down by the river. Last year members we hadn't seen for a long time showed up and there was a bit of a reunion feeling.  You have to pay for parking at the State Park, so look online and get your parking ahead of time.  Bring food for yourself and food to share with others.  Maybe having a frisbee or a kite or a board game would be nice, it's usually sunny and windy.  There's swimming and boating available next to the picnic area.  Take a look at our blog page for photos from previous visits to the Stonehenge replica and Maryhill State Park.

If you have the time to make a thorough visit, it is a great time to visit the Maryhill Art Museum, or go wine tasting at several nearby wineries, or to buy fresh fruit from local orchards.  And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the fabulous Goldendale Observatory,  which is dedicated to making the glories of our universe seeable by the non-astronomer public.  

If you can't make it to Maryhill and the Stonehenge Replica, (or even if you can!) please join us at the WEDNESDAY observation of the summer solstice, our annual Meditation for peace.  Grand Lodge has asked us to set our meetings in alignment with the solstices, which is why this meeting is on a weekday and not a weekend.  Hope you can make it!  Note that the activities in Washington and on the solstice are completely OPEN TO YOUR NON-MEMBER friends, so bring them along.



This year will be devoted to reminding ourselves of the validity of core Rosicrucian teachings on visualization, concentration, reincarnation, vibroturgy, cycles of life, and other topics and skills that are part of our benefits of being Rosicrucian students.  

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