UAF Arctic Innovation Competition

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Why enter AIC? 

Gain Exposure for Your Company

“I have probably pitched Prismatext 100-200 times in over a dozen different iterations. It’s a lot, but it’s important to get this stuff under your belt. Always be working on other things for your product or your business, and take any and all feedback. Along the way you'll learn how to distill and extract meaning from it.” - Zak Erving, 2022 First Place Winner, CEO of Prismatext

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Advance in Your Career

Eric Hartley, one of the 2018 AIC competitors, was a part of the start-up weekend team that created the perfect solution for late nights out when all you need is a little bit of comfort: the Hoodillow. Imagine a soft and cozy hoodie, with an added twist - a neck pillow sewn right into the hood.

Since AIC, he has made big moves in his career while simultaneously starting a business. He is currently the Marketing and Events Manager for the Alaska Center of Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship (Center ICE), one of AIC's valuable partners. 

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Broaden Your Entrepreneurial Toolkit and Soft Skills- At Any Age!

“I want to do the Arctic Innovation Competition until the end. I gained more public speaking skills, learned how to answer questions on the spot, how to study and create more ideas. My favorite part was seeing the different presentations and how I can improve as I get older.” -Denali Walrath, two-time Cub Division Competitor and Winner

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