UAF Arctic Innovation Competition

   Alaska's Original Idea Contest   

2024 AIC Winners

Main Division

1st Place
Sustainability & Arctic Kicker Recipient
FINN - Redefining Rigid Gear Storage by Finn Oestgaard

2nd Place
Fiber Optic Pliers by Tim Illguth

3rd Place
AK College Student Kicker Recipient
Alaska Tank Sensor by Daniel and Amber Reichardt, Thimira Asurapmudalige

4th Place
Fan Favorite  
DART: Detection of Antimicrobial Resistance Toolbox by Danielle Wrenn

Honorable Mentions

Poliquicks by Vienna Mott, Margaret Sekona

Hockey Shoulder Pad Bracers by Abe Camp

EV Wind Charging Generator by Rob Marok

Modulating Preheat System for Ventilation by Conor Dennehy Sosebee

Quayside by Erik Williams, Mya Schroder

Arctic Garden Tool by Rick Wilbur

JR Division

1st Place
Ear Buddies by Danika Dawley

2nd Place
Fan Favorite
AI Consulting Services by Elijah Steer

3rd Place
Charging Meters by Johannis Tinklenberg

Honorable Mentions

Anti-Frost Signs by Tayton Aiken Brice

Magic: Ice Show to Bingsu (Shaved Ice) by Joanna Peng, Elizabeth Kim, Julia Wang, Pauline Xu, Priscilla Wang, Naomi Choe

Roof Mounted Snowblower by Ferdinand Siegfried

Cub Division

1st Place
Fan Favorite
Get a Grip! by Grail and Revy Conley

2nd Place
Drone Transportation for Rural Places, Emergency Services, and Urban Data Collection by Jett Wonderlich

3rd Place
Art for the Visually Impaired by Kristina Lorenzana, Audrey Threadgull, Scarlett Bockus, Rachel Lewellyn, Maybe Clark

Honorable Mentions

Avocado and Butter Spreader by Olivia Ernst

Revolving Closet by Kangisaq Payne-Trigg

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