Main Division

Main Division Prizes

First Place: $15,000

Kicker Prizes

The following judging criteria are used for the Kicker Prizes for the Main Division, during both the initial Selection Process and the Final Competition. Kicker Prize winners will be selected from among the top ideas that advance to the AIC Final Competition. Competitors are eligible to win any of the Kicker Prizes in addition to one of the top prizes (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place) – that is, winning a top prize does not disqualify a competitor from also winning a Kicker Prize.

If you wish for your idea to be considered for a particular Kicker Prize, be sure to include information about the relevant criteria as outlined below.

Alaska College Student

This prize incentive will be awarded for the best idea submitted by an Alaska college student. The competitor will be asked to show proof of current enrollment in at least one class at any college or university in the state of Alaska during the semester in which the competition takes place.


This prize will be awarded for the best arctic-related idea, recognizing a new innovation that is sustainable, efficient, and makes living in the arctic easier.

Example of existing engineering innovations:

  1. Stabilizing a building with thermal siphon, flat loops

  2. Using ground loops to preheat intake air for building re-circulation

  3. Use large rock for roadway embankments (Air Convection Embankments (ACE)) to keep the sub-grade frozen


2023 Sponsor: Educational Legacy Fund

This prize incentive will be awarded for the best sustainability-related idea. This prize recognizes an innovation for a product, service, or process that encourages or supports sustainability. Sustainability promotes environmental stewardship, energy and resource management, social justice and fiscal responsibility, allowing us to thrive now and be resilient in the face of a changing future.

Examples of sustainability topics include:

  • Energy, water and waste reduction

  • Recycled content and recyclability

  • Reusability and functionality of packaging

Climate Adaptation

2022 Sponsor: Alaska NSF EPSCoR

This kicker will be awarded for the best idea related to climate adaptation. In addition to the Primary Prize Judging Criteria, this prize recognizes an innovation for a product, service, or process that encourages or supports climate adaptation. Climate Adaptation refers to actions to prepare for and adjust to current or expected climate change and its effects, thereby reducing harm or taking advantage of new opportunities.

Examples of climate adaptation topics include:

  • Adaptation and/or deceleration to changing climate conditions

  • Digital and technological initiatives, products, services or tools to help to lessen the carbon footprint

  • Ideas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in buildings, industry or transportation