Become a Sponsor

The value of youth programs to our society has long been established by the virtue of “the seeds we sow today are our harvest of tomorrow”. The investment of time, energy and financial support in our youth of today is an investment in our future; educating young people such that they can practice good stewardship and ethical behavior as they grow, and become decisions makers themselves.

The Junior Forest Warden program rests on the four cornerstones of Forestry, Ecology, Outdoor Skills and Leadership. A program like this will be invaluable as the population, mostly urban, continues to grow, helping families stay connected to their provinces natural resources and teaching them an appreciation for it.

We want to ensure that there is a stable, sustainable Junior Forest Warden program available to children and families in all areas. To allow this to continue, it requires dedicated volunteers, and financial sponsors that have a strong belief in the value of the program. There are different ways to become a sponsor of the Junior Forest Warden program:

Operations Sponsor

  • Donation to the general revenue of AJFWA, where funds would be directed by the Board towards operational and administrative expenses

Event Sponsor

  • Sponsorship of a specific event or portion of an event, examples being: Conferences, National Camp, AGM, etc.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact