What are we all about?

The Four Pillars of JFW

Forestry - Forestry Protection, Forestry Uses, Forestry Management, Wildlife Management, Outdoor Recreation, Watershed Management, Range Management & Community Service

Outdoor Skills (previously Woodstravel) - First Aid, Fire Lighting Techniques, Outdoor Clothing, Shelter, Navigation, Outdoor Safety, Responsible Camping and Hiking, Knots & Lashings, Survival, Search & Rescue, Outdoor Equipment, Hikes & Camp-outs

Ecology - Enjoying the Outdoors, Classification, Interrelationships Between Species & their Environment, Environmental Changes (weather, climate)

Leadership - Planning, Responsibility, Cooperation, Leadership of Others, Community Service

What does that look like?

Learning about trees & forest

Insects or diseases that impact forests

Forest fires - what to do

Impacts of weather

Wood products, processing techniques

Silviculture & timber management

Understand how wildlife is critical to the management of our forests

Knowledge of plants and animals that depend on the lands around you

First Aid

Knowledge of fire lighting, uses, safety and suppression

Outdoor Survival - use of shelter and clothing & knots

Learn how to use a map and compass

Learn how to use the outdoors responsibly for our environment and ourselves

Practice what you have learned in a real - life situations

Foster appreciation curiosity & excitement of our natural world

Identify, classify and investigate living things

Animals and habitats

Learn about the relationship between species & their environment

Learn about the effect of weather and climate change on the environment

Learn how to plan club programs

Gain confidence and responsibility

Cooperate with others in your clubs

Teach others

Participate in global environmental concerns

Participate in community service projects

Activities that we might do

Tour a fire tower, local fire hall or other fire suppression site

Play the Land Use Game

Tour a mill

Grow a seedling

Participate in a tree plant

Participate in wildlife management activity

Participate in a local hunter education program

Develop or revitalize a site or trail

Go on hike in the forest

Take a First Aid course

Build a fire utilizing different materials

Prepare a meal over a fire

Build and stay in a shelter

Complete an orienteering activity

Do a backpacking trip

Do a survival camp

Participate with your local search & rescue for training practices

Use your equipment on a campout

Go snowshoeing, hiking, canoeing, or cross country skiing

Go on a nature walk and see what can you find

Participate in a species count

Construct simple weather instruments and use them to predict the weather

Tour a weather station

Tour a previous forest fire area and learn about the benefits of fires

Plan and participate in club activities

Plan a club day hike

Assist the leaders of your club to plan an activity

Teach younger wardens

Coordinate a special event for your club

Lead a hike

Plan and lead a community service project