Start a Club

JFW offers an interesting alternative to Scouts or Girl Guides initiatives with a uniquely Canadian flavor and a whole-family, inclusive approach.

Why start a club?

To bring the adventure into your very own backyard if there is no Club in your area. JFW is an outdoor oriented program, with an emphasis on the experience. The program is committed to providing opportunities to get outdoors such as camping, backpacking, cross country skiing, canoeing, mountaineering, tree planting and more! Education is offered in wilderness skills development, first aid, trip planning and survival to prepare Wardens for these adventures. The program also focusses on developing a greater appreciation of the natural resources while outdoors. Wardens are taught about tree, plant and animal identification, soil types, weather and water, resource management, threats to the environment and our resources, and the list goes on...

What makes us different?

We are not a drop off program. One key characteristic of JFW is that parents are encouraged to participate with their children in many aspects of the program, and often parents are learning right alongside their kids. Leadership development for parents is a key component of the program as the majority of the program is provided through their volunteer efforts. Parent volunteer roles are wide and varied, depending on your strengths. Some parents provide their expertise in a leadership or resource role. Others contribute through parental supervision, organizing activities and events, helping with event logistics, and much more. We take pride in how our JFW family works together to bring the outdoor experience to our youth.

How do I start a Junior Forest Warden Club?

  • A minimum of 6 youths (Wardens) and four adults are needed to start a Club.

  • You will need to fill in and submit a New Club Application form . You get to select your Club's new name!!

  • Once your new Club is approved, you are an official Junior Forest Warden Club and can set up a Club bank account. Program information and materials will be provided to you to help you plan your Club meetings and adventures.

  • Your members will need to register with AJFWA. Each adult member will receive login credentials to access the "Members Only" website.

  • Other sources of assistance to help your Club succeed are available, including from the Office Administrator, Membership Director, Communications & IT Committee, Club Help Committee, etc.

  • Contact our Office Administrator at (or click on link below for more contact options) to learn more about starting a Club.

Introduction Letter:

Welcome to JFW intro letter.docx