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  • providing tools and information for club leaders, registrars, event organizers,

  • sharing information with members,

  • showcasing upcoming JFW events,

  • giving JFW members access to AJFWA Board information,

  • linking other JFW related websites,

  • accessing region, club and committee information,

  • and much more.


  • Click on the icon in the top left-hand corner on mobile devices for the sidebar to navigate this site.

  • Use the search icon in the top right-hand corner to search key words.

  • If you hover over an item and see a grey box in the top right-hand corner, click on the box and the item will pop out for viewing.

  • Only members granted special access permission will be able to see certain parts of some pages, i.e. a Committee's Google drive and calendar.

  • Board & Committee members: This website is built, in part, as your access point to Board and Committee drives and calendars. Bookmark your committee's web page for easy access.

What will you find on the Members Only Website?

News and More:

  • Learn more about JFW, including -- Newsletters / Tree Mail, Blog, Photo Gallery, Meet our Volunteers, History, Celebrating JFW.


  • Help for Leaders, including -- Running a Club, Organizing an Event, Manuals and Lesson Resources.


  • Information for Members, including -- Uniforms & Badges, Volunteer Opportunities, Online Registration


  • Information on upcoming events such as PT Cruiser, AC Conference and National Camp


  • Links to all AJFWA committees and their files , comittee members and contacts

Chartering & Registration:

  • Information and links for members to complete online registration and for Club Registrars to complete the chartering process.

Regions & Clubs:

  • Links to Region and Club Pages

Board & Staff:

  • Find out more about your AJFWA Board & Staff, read Board Meeting Minutes, view governing documents, information access point for Board members, and much more.

Other Resources:

  • Miscellaneous documents, including -- expense forms, travel consents, JFW Insurance Policy, etc.