About Us

Junior Forest Wardens is an exciting and educational opportunity for young people and their families to have fun, develop skills, and get educated in the many and diverse aspects of our natural environment. The Junior Forest Wardens have built their programs foundation using the four components of:

Forestry – Ecology – Outdoor Skills – Leadership

Young people between the ages of 6 – 18 can join a local club, and enjoy age specific programming in one of the four appropriate age classes. Parents are encouraged to participate with their children, in any aspect of the club program; from providing their expertise in a leadership or resource role, parent supervision, to learning right along side of their kids.

Junior Forest Wardens is an outdoor oriented program, with an emphasis on the experience. The program is committed to providing opportunities to get outdoors: camping, backpacking, canoeing, mountaineering, tree planting and more! And to prepare for adventures like these, education is offered and promoted in wilderness skills development, first aid, trip planning and survival. To provide a greater appreciation of the natural resources while outdoors, Wardens are taught about tree, plant and animal identification, soil types, weather and water, resource management, threats to the environment and our resources and the list goes on...

Clubs typically meet once per week to provide evening programming, and add to the calendar an outdoor trip once per month. This schedule is augmented by offerings through the District, Regional and Provincial councils that give the opportunity to share the experience with a larger audience, networking with other clubs, and enhancing the experience. Clubs set their own meeting and activity location and schedule, as well as fees - your local club leader can provide specific information on your club, or the club you are interested in joining.

Join the Adventure!

It’s a great time to be a Junior Forest Warden!