About Us

Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide all our pupils with a safe, stimulating and happy environment. We will work together with the parents, the local community and outside agencies to equip our children with the life skills they need. We want all who come to Montgomery Primary Academy to become confident, independent, life-long learners.

Academy Aims

At Montgomery Primary Academy, we have a number of aims:

    • All our children will achieve to the best of their ability
    • Every child matters and is an individual and we aim to meet their needs
    • All our families are respected and valued
    • We meet the every child matters outcomes.

The Government's aim is for every child, whatever their background or their circumstances, to have the support they need to:

    • be healthy
    • stay safe
    • enjoy and achieve
    • make a positive contribution
    • achieve economic well-being.

Core Values of Education

    • We believe and support equal opportunities for all. This means that no matter what sex, size, age, religion, race or any other descriptor a person may be they should have equal access to all that we offer.
    • Whatever opportunity we provide should be open to all at the appropriate level/age.
    • We value and respect peoples beliefs and cultures but reserve the right to deliver the curriculum as set out by the government and agreed by governors of the academy.
    • We are a non denominational academy and will celebrate and respect all religions and values in equal regard.
    • Above all, freedom of thought and speech is central to learning. All who work and learn in our academy are entitled to a view and all are expected to respect others.
    • We strive, not to teach facts but to enable our children to solve problems, find answers and to ask questions. To reason, debate and to draw their own informed conclusions to situations not yet met.
    • In short ‘Our children are our future, all that we do now is informed by that’. We educate not for what is but, for what may be the needs of the future.

The limit of what we do is limited only by our children’s imagination, our level of knowledge and skill and the resources available.