Third Party Systems

Montgomery Primary Academy employs the use of a number of third party systems in order to record pupil data. The core third party systems used by the academy for the purposes of recording pupil data are:

Progresso: The academy’s core MIS system. This system is cloud-based and allows the academy to complete statutory data returns, maintain pupil records and track pupils’ progression throughout their academy career.

CPOMS: Safeguarding and child protection software. CPOMS is the market leading, and therefore most widely used, child protection software within schools. It allows the academy to accurately record and securely access data on child welfare, safeguarding and pastoral care.

SchoolMoney: An online payment system, which allows parents to remotely make payments for school dinners and trips and visits. This system enables the academy to accurately record and monitor payments received in a secure environment.

Google Classroom: A learning platform that enables classroom collaboration by allowing teachers to create and distribute work to pupils and track their progress online.

The systems employed by the academy are sourced from reputable, recognised providers. They provide specialist expertise in gathering, storing and ensuring the security of pupil data. It is a measure of the essential impact of these systems that they are widely used by schools across the country.

All third party systems employed by the academy have been vetted to ensure compliance with current data protection legislation as referenced by the Data Protection Act 1998.

Only data essential to the operation of the academy is collected. The gathered data is applied only to enable the academy to carry out specific statutory functions and deliver the service for which it is responsible in line with current legislation.