If you are a CE, 4th or 5th Year Apprentice, JW, or contractor personnel affiliated with IBEW Local 613,  and have at least 8,000 OJT hours, you are eligible to register for the EVITP program

Class cost: 

There are no EVITP classes currently scheduled.  Please email us at ADMIN@aejatc.org to be added to the list for notification when one is scheduled.  


The EVITP program provides the most comprehensive training for the installation of EVSE equipment in North America today. More than a technical installation course, EVITP offers a full overview of the Electric Vehicle industry including an extensive section on Customer Relations & Customer Satisfaction

Developed in collaboration with industry, EVITP offers the perspective of Automakers, Utilities, EVSE equipment manufacturers and other key stakeholder associations. The EVITP collaborative understands the importance of the EV market being properly supported as it develops and expands. The electricians installing EVSE or charging equipment must understand the many aspects of the market today to adequately address customer questions, concerns and satisfaction.

Certifications & Standards:

The EVITP Training Program has rigorous training standards and is taught by instructors who have well documented qualifications and considerable experience in their areas of expertise. High entry standards and a demand exam ensures strong classroom performance and consistent training results. Similarly, EVITP courses are available to electricians in compliance with the mandatory requirements of each state/municipal jurisdiction in the United States and Canada. Core training is supplemented with local requirements where applicable. Upon completing written and hands-on lab testing, participants passing the course will receive Certification through EVITP.

Course Overview: