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This calendar shows semester start and end dates, and break weeks for the Apprenticeship, CW, and CE Programs.


How do I request a Leave of Absence for personal, medical, or military service reasons?

Request a Leave of Absence by completing this form...

(NOTE: maximum total personal Leave time is 1 year, medical leave requests must include documentation (see form for details), military leave requests should include a copy of your orders (see form for details)

How do I request a work assignment change?

You may request a work assignment change for training purposes by emailing Russell Smith directly at Please be sure to enter Work Assignment Change Request in the subject line of your email.

How do I request a 1-time class schedule change due to an upcoming schedule conflict?

It is important that you submit your 1-time class change request as far in advance as possible. This option is intended for use in offsetting major unavoidable schedule conflicts and is not available for frequent use in avoiding every possible issue that may arise.

Your class schedule is posted in your TradeSchool account well in advance and you should use it to plan in advance to avoid conflicts if at all possible. If you find yourself in a situation where conflict is unavoidable, please email Russell Smith at and be sure to enter 1-Time Class Change Request in the subject line of your email.

How do I transfer into or out of the Atlanta Electrical JATC?

For general information on transferring into the Atlanta Electrical JATC please see our Transfer Information checklist...

To transfer out, please email Russell at