Quick Screen*

*Please note that this and other tests on this site are informational tools only.

They are not intended to replace a professional neurological examination and evaluation.

If you are using any of the tests on this site we strongly recommend a visit with an MD or Neurologist for further evaluation.

Validated brief test*

Questions (6 point test)

Remember 3 objects: Apple, Table, Pen

What year is this? (1 point)

What month is this? (1 point)

What is the day of the week? (1 point)

Draw a clock hands set to 11:50 (1 point)

What were the 3 objects? (1 point for each object named)

Interpretation No errors:

Cognitive Impairment unlikely

Three or more errors:

High likelihood of Dementia related diseases.

*If you have any question regarding mental impairment we recommend seeing a physician immediately !!!!

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