Alzheimer/Dementia Support Center, Inc. ("ADSC") is a community-based nonprofit corporation that offers support, guidance, and educational resources to the local community on issues related to Alzheimer's disease, memory loss, and other dementia and cognitive impairment related illnesses

Mission Statement

ADSC focuses on providing much-needed support to the primary caregivers (often family members) of those afflicted with dementia-related illnesses by offering caregiver support groups and peer counseling.

ADSC provides support to early- and mid-stage memory-impaired individuals by hosting peer support groups and music and art therapy.

ADSC works to increase public awareness within the local community of Alzheimer's disease, memory loss, and other dementia-related illnesses, as well as the needs of caregivers of those afflicted.

ADSC provides memory loss and dementia-related educational resources on our website and in our extensive video library.

ADSC conducts outreach to various stakeholders within the community to obtain and expand resources and support for the needs of those suffering from Alzheimer's disease, memory loss, and other dementia-related illnesses, and their caregivers.

How our mission helps the families and caregivers

At ADSC we help by empowering family members and caregivers at every step of the way. By educating on the diseases the symptoms and by providing personal caregiver experiences. That way family members and caregivers can make sense of what is happening to their loved ones, the caregiver, and their family.

Our focus is on how to apply this information to their specific situations.

We do this through our support groups, web site, seminars, peer counseling, family mediation and our referral services.