There are many disorders that can cause dementia.

There is no one disease that is "dementia". So there can also be no diagnoses of "dementia".

When one has dementia they have a syndrome, a collection of symptoms.

Some of the more common are Alzheimer’s disease or Huntington’s disease, which lead to a progressive loss of mental functions due to the fact that the brain is being destroyed. There is currently no cure for these.

Some medical conditions mimic the symptoms of dementia and can be halted or reversed with appropriate treatment.

People with moderate or advanced dementia typically need round-the-clock care and supervision to prevent them from harming themselves or others.

They also may need assistance with daily activities such as eating, bathing, and dressing.

For family members providing care for some one with dementia it is imperative that they be aware of the fact that care giving can become extremely difficult and challenging.

Studies indicate that care givers, due to increased stress levels, can be seriously impacted, more so than the person with dementia.