Did You Know?

83% of dementia care happens in the home, but most families are unaware of the challenges and how to overcome them.

For our support group members (membership is free and only requires your attendance) we provide an extensive library of training and informational videos covering all areas of dementia related diseases and problems, proper care giving and care giver support.

Check our Web Calendar for more information on group meetings.

Also check out the PACE program for benefits.

Surviving Caregiving Linda Ercoli, PhD. - UCLA Health.mp4
Refusal to Bathe.mp4

Surviving Care Giving

Refusal To Bathe

Caregiver Stress and Depression.mp4
Driving and Dementia.mp4

Caregiver Stress

Driving And Dementia

Falls Prevention in People with Dementia #UCLAMDChat Webinar.mp4

Falls Prevention