Our Sponsors Get It!

Our sponsors get it!  They understand what it means to partner with a team and an organization that is inspiring students to explore STEM and business careers, find their passion through first-hand experiences, and give their all in a sport for the mind. Partnering with the NEW Apple Corps means you are investing in the future of our students and our community.  Take a look through our Sponsorship Request Packet to learn more about how you can impact the future through the NEW Apple Corps.

Strategic Partners

Plexus Corp. has been a strategic partner sponsor of the NEW Apple Corps since 1997.  They provide team funding, in-kind donations, and mentors with technical expertise.  Alongside the AASD, they are the longest-running sponsor of the NEW Apple Corps.

The Appleton Area School District is a founding member and strategic partner of the NEW Apple Corps.  In 1996, the AASD partnered with the Boldt Company and Lawrence University to form what would later be known as the NEW Apple Corps.  Our sponsors may have changed over the years but the AASD has continued to be a valued, supportive, and consistent partner of our team.

Gold Level Sponsors

Silver Level Sponsors

Bronze Level Sponsors

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