RBAD = Robot Build Agile Development

Developed by Team 93. Refined by time. It's how we work.


Team 93 uses our original Robot Build Agile Development (RBAD) framework to organize our team during the build season. Based on the principles of agile development and the scrum framework, RBAD helps us manage a team of over 100 students and mentors. The team presented a seminar on RBAD at the FIRST World Championships in 2014 and continue to share our philosophy with teams today! Click on the image to the left for a slideshow describing RBAD.

RBAD provides the framework and Trello provides the communication and organization tools the team uses to stay on task and on schedule. Each functional group has their own Trello kanban board they use to manage the work that needs to be done to promote the team, build a robot, and inspire the next generation of inventors and innovators. Click here to go to the Trello website and manage your functional group's kanban board.

Team Organization

The NEW Apple Corps consists of two important divisions - business and engineering - and RBAD, which ties it all together. Each division is made up of functional groups which are responsible for a specific aspect of the team and managed by student leaders and adult mentors. The NAC also has a president and vice-president who lead the team as a whole. The graphic to the left illustrates the team's structure and those who fill leadership roles on the team.