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1.    Treat each other with respect. Do not use abusive or offensive language.

2.    Avoid using slang and write properly using full Spanish/ English words – not text language.

3.    Follow the hyperlinks to discover information about the words highlighted.

4.    Remember that you are not supposed to understand everything you will hear in the videos - take notes of as many new and interesting points as you can to be able to  discuss them with your partner during your conversation, she/ he will help you discover more relevant information on the topics.

5. Use good sentence structure: revise your sentences and questions to ensure they are clear and can be easily understood by your partner.

6.    Rephrase: if your partner cannot understand what you are saying explain to him what you are trying to say – do not repeat the same thing again and again as this will not help. Remember that you can also use your body language, as you will be able to see each other.

7.    When in doubt, always double-check and clarify information.

8.    Always give and welcome constructive criticism where appropriate.

9.    Ask for your partner’s views on your ideas to encourage participation.

10. Show support to your partner’s ideas as this will encourage him to contribute more.

11. Be organised: habit is the key. Select a day to go through the online tasks and stick to that routine. Allow enough time to be able to enjoy what you do.

12. Be honest with each other and do not be afraid to give advice and help.

13. Be proactive and professional: ask for clarification/ help when needed – from your partner, your tutor or the pilot leader.

14.  Do not cut and paste information and avoid plagiarism – note your sources and reference appropriately.

15.  Always double-check a week in advance your next appointment in case there is a problem and you need to agree a mutually convenient new date.

16. Your partner and you can agree any other rules which might help your team to work successfully and complete the tasks set.

17. Remember to keep a copy of all your work in your computer for future reference.

18. Click on the pen symbol from the top right-hand side of the page you are using to edit it. Cut and paste your text from Word. Once you are in the Edit Mode, use the symbols from the top left-hand side menu to add hyperlinks, pictures, etc., as well as edit your page’s layout.

19. Once your partner’s fortnightly task has been uploaded to his web space, go through it and write down a few tips you can give him to improve his future work. Email him your feedback so that he can take it on board.

20. Read your partner’s feedback carefully and remember to ask him any queries that you may have next time you have a chat.