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D. English regions

Click here to read about the British counties and view them on a map. Read the text carefully and try to spot a grammatical mistake. Can you find a word written with an American spelling? Which is the British spelling?

Your partner at The University of York is in North Yorkshire. Yorkshire is the biggest county in England and it is divided into three parts: West Riding, North Riding and East Riding.

Watch these three videos to find out more about this English county:

·         Yorkshire scenery

·         A guided visit to York

·         Student life at Leeds city centre: 

Write a summary of 100-150 words and contact your partner in York to discuss what you have learnt about Yorkshire and find out if s/he has been to any of those places and any other places in Yorkshire that s/he may recommend. Take notes and add your partner’s information to your summary.

Publish a summary of your findings on your website once you have added any relevant information that you have learnt from your partner.

Remember to add any new words to the online glossary as well as a sentence showing how to use them in context.