El tango se baila de a dos/ It takes two to tango
              A long-distance collaborative e-learning project
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Self-learning and group work require research, planning, discussions and written work that will enable us to develop skills which are essential in a working environment.

Here are some tips that will help us make the most of this great learning opportunity.

Week 0: Let’s get started - Getting to know your partner

1.    Send each other an email to introduce yourself. Talk about you – your studies/ profession, your family, the things you love and hate.

2.    Exchange your contact information with your partner (Gmail address, mobile phone number) and agree a weekly schedule to contact each other, the days and times that you will be available for a conversation to complete the assigned tasks.

3.    Download the Tango app from Google Play.

4.    Then use Tango, Gmail Hangouts or Skype to have a chat to get to know your partner. Discuss the information exchanged by email.

5.    Although your partner might be quite similar to you, there might be differences: he might be much older or younger, with very different interests and experiences, etc. Although being similar can help you gel at first, being different can prove to be even more exciting as you could discover interesting and exciting fields which would enrich your learning journey.

6.  Once you are in your portfolio website, click on the pen symbol from the top right-hand side of your page to edit it. Cut and paste your text from Word. When you are in the Edit Mode, use the symbols from the top left-hand side menu to add hyperlinks, pictures, etc., as well as edit your page’s layout.

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