Welcome to Central's Green Team!

(see below for more info)

Environmental Awareness Week

Thank you to all who participated this week!

We hope you all had fun being GREEN!

Environmental Awareness Week

The Green Team is excited to present this year's Environmental Awareness Week here at Central!

We hope everyone has a chance to partake in an activity or two this week and get our GREEN year off to a great start!

GREEN TEAM 2021-2022

Congratulations to this year's Green Team members! Our first meeting will be on Thursday September 30th.

Green Team members, check your lockers for details!

GREEN TEAM 2021-22

Attention all 4th graders!!

Do you have great ideas?

Do you love being environmentally friendly?

Do you want to get to learn a little bit more about how to stay GREEN?

Join the GREEN TEAM!

Ask your teacher for an applications

Fill out the form and make sure to get a parent signature

All applications are due by September 10th.

(No late applications will be accepted)

Our first meeting will be on September 30th during 4th grade lunch and recess time. More info to come!

Team A -

Team B -