Welcome to Central's Green Team! (see below for more info)

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Today we met with the entire Green Team, and then had a mini meeting with the Recycling Masters! They chose their awesome small group name and did their first pop tab collection of the year! Check out the Pop Tab page to find out who won the Golden Pop Tab this month! 

Thanks to Sam from the Green Team for sharing this great article on Wilmette resident Eileen Johnston.

Some sad news - the Wilmette Holiday parade is not happening this year..... but there's always a silver lining! We are proud to announce that the Green Team will be participating in the Holiday Happenings on December 1st uptown Wilmette! Come out and see us - we'll be collecting lights for our Holiday Lights drive (see below for more information) as well as passing out some holiday treats! We're very excited to be taking part in this great community event. 

Green Team members!!! Your signed permission slips to participate in the Holiday Happenings event are due TUESDAY NOVEMBER 27th!! 

Holiday Lights Drive

From December 1st to January 25th Central School's Green Team will be partnering up with SWANCC to help recycle holiday string lights! Just bring your old lights to Central School and drop them in the box in the lobby. The Green Team will handle the rest - we'll pack them up and send them along to SWANCC who will make sure they are properly recycled and keep all those lights and wires out of our landfills! 

All lengths, colors and sizes will be accepted. No stand alone light bulbs please - just strings of lights are being collected. 

It's a Wandraiser!


We're collecting old and gently used mascara wands to be reused by the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge. The Green Team will clean the wands before shipping them to North Carolina. The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge center will reuse the wands to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of rescued wildlife. Mascara wands are perfect for this job because the bristles are so close together and gentle to use on injured animals. 

Some reminders: 
~This is a drive to reuse something that would normally end up in landfills. Please do not buy new brushes or mascara for this drive. 
~We do not want the actual mascara - just the wands!
~Right now, this will be an open ended drive. Because mascara wands are changed every 3 months, we felt that keeping the drive open would help us collect more wands. 

Drop off your Mascara Wands in the lobby today! 

Wands for Wildlife

Watch a baby wren being cleaned with a wand!

Some dates to know:

November 15th - Whole Team Meeting / Team B Pop Tab collection
November 19th -23rd - Thanksgiving Break!
November 27th - Green Team Holiday Happenings Permission Slips DUE!
November 28-30 - 4th Grade at Outdoor Ed 
December 1st - Holiday Happenings Event! 
December 1st - January 25th - Holiday String Lights Recycling Drive
December 6th - Whole Team Meeting
December 20th - Green Eggs and Ham Meeting & Pop Tab collection 

Team 1 -  Green Eggs & Ham
Team 2 -  The Recycling Masters