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Ronald McDonald House in the news!!!

The Ronald McDonald House in Chicago near Comer Children's Hospital had a pipe burst as a result of the recent cold weather. All occupants have been moved to a nearby hotel, but it might be a few months before the house is repaired enough for them to return to their home away from home. 
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Coming Soon - The Going Green Matters Wilmette Fair!
featuring The Green Team! 

The Central School Green Team will once again be joining the District 39 booth at this year's Going Green Matters community fair! The fair is on Sunday March 10th from 12 to 4pm at the Michigan Shores Club. 
Come and learn about how to reduce, reuse and recycle and visit with the Green Team! 

Green Team Students!
You can be a part of the Green Team's display booth! You'll get to interact with people at the fair and teach them how to reuse by making a craft with them! 
If you'd like to come be a part of the booth you MUST return your signed permission slip by Wednesday, March 6th. This event is an "out of school field trip" which means it's totally voluntary and it is not a drop off event. A parent or guardian must stay with you while you are at the fair, even though Central staff will be present. 

You can come to the fair even if you're not on Green Team! We hope to see you there! 

It's a Wandraiser!


We're collecting old and gently used mascara wands to be reused by the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge. The Green Team will clean the wands before shipping them to North Carolina. The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge center will reuse the wands to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of rescued wildlife. Mascara wands are perfect for this job because the bristles are so close together and gentle to use on injured animals. 

Some reminders: 
~This is a drive to reuse something that would normally end up in landfills. Please do not buy new brushes or mascara for this drive. 
~We do not want the actual mascara - just the wands!
~Right now, this will be an open ended drive. Because mascara wands are changed every 3 months, we felt that keeping the drive open would help us collect more wands. 

Drop off your Mascara Wands in the lobby today! 

Wands for Wildlife

Watch a baby wren being cleaned with a wand!

Some dates to know:

February 7th - Master Recyclers Meeting & Pop Tab collection
February 27th - Green Eggs and Ham Meeting & Pop Tab collection
March 6th - Going Green Matters Fair Permission Slips Due!
March 10th - Green Team at the Going Green Matters Wilmette Fair!
March 25th - 29th - Spring Break! 

Team 1 -  Green Eggs & Ham
Team 2 -  The Recycling Masters