Welcome to Central's Green Team! (see below for more info)

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Our Walk to School day was a HUGE success! We're so glad so many people decided to join in on this great day! Check out our Photo Album page for some fun pictures of the day! 
We even got mentioned in the Wilmette Beacon

The Green Eggs and Ham group had their first small group meeting of the year! We did our first pop tab collection of the year, (Check out the Pop Tab page for results) we brainstormed some ideas for our group's theme in the upcoming Wilmette Holiday Parade and we chose our first big eco-drive of the year.....

It's a Wandraiser!


We're collecting old and gently used mascara wands to be reused by the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge. The Green Team will clean the wands before shipping them to North Carolina. The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge center will reuse the wands to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of rescued wildlife. Mascara wands are perfect for this job because the bristles are so close together and gentle to use on injured animals. 

Some reminders: 
~This is a drive to reuse something that would normally end up in landfills. Please do not buy new brushes or mascara for this drive. 
~We do not want the actual mascara - just the wands!
~Right now, this will be an open ended drive. Because mascara wands are changed every 3 months, we felt that keeping the drive open would help us collect more wands. 

Drop off your Mascara Wands in the lobby today! 

Wands for Wildlife

Watch a baby wren being cleaned with a wand!

National Walk to School Day!
*****Due to rain overnight and in the morning, the National Walk to School day event will be moved to 
Friday, October 12th.******

National Walk to School day will be taking place on Friday October 12th! Central School will be one of over 4,500 schools across the USA (and Puerto Rico and District of Columbia) that will be taking part in this national event. We are very excited to take part! 
Here's what to do if you want to join in: 

Walk to school! 

It's that easy!
Grab some friends and ditch the car for the day! 
Your teacher will give you a scavenger hunt sheet on Tuesday that you can use as you walk to school. 
Just cross out what you see on your walk! 

The Green Team members have been brainstorming to make this event so much fun! When you arrive at Central School head to the blacktop for a celebration that will include: 

~Dance Party with DJ Fritz
~Photo Booth
~Turn in your completed Scavenger Hunt sheet for a prize!
~Fun! Fun! Fun!

Welcome to Green Team! 
The Green Team is up and running for the 2018-2019 school year! We have a great group this year - all 38 members have received their pinnys and took part in our first group meeting! We are super excited for all their great ideas and enthusiasm this year! 

Our first major event this year is the upcoming Environmental Awareness week! Our fantastic new Green Team members have come up with some great ideas to make the week special! See above for the schedule of events! 

Some dates to know:

October 1st - Whole Team Meeting
October 10th - National Walk to School Day! 
October 12th - National Walk to School Day Rain Date
October 25th - Team A Meeting - First Pop Tab collection! 
November 15th - Whole Team Meeting / Team B Pop Tab collection

Team A -  
Team B -