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Earth Week 2020
The Green Team met last week via Zoom to modify our Earth Week plans and make them more at-home friendly! We're excited to be able to have this fun spirit week no matter where we all are! See the schedule above for each day's event. 
Below are further details for some of the events. 
Have fun being GREEN Central! 

All-Week Long Sculpture Challenge
Create a sculpture using recyclable materials at home! Grab that recycling bin and your arts and crafts supplies and get creative! You can make a globe or any animal you want. Check out the photos from last year's fox sculpture challenge to get ideas. (Once on that photo page, scroll down to "Earth Week 2019" to see last year's entries)
Take a photo with your finished sculpture and email it to Ms. Potakis at potakisj@wilmette39.org
Please include your full name and teacher's name as well. 
 We'll showcase some photos on the Green Team's website at the end of the week! 

Nature Cams
On Wednesday we're encouraging you to pick out a nature cam to watch online!

Sidewalk Art
On Friday we're encouraging you to decorate your driveways and sidewalks with some fantastic chalk art! Take a photo of you and your art (or just of your art - whatever you want!) and email it to Ms Potakis at 
Please include your full name and teacher's name as well in your email. 
We'll showcase some photos on the Green Team's website at the end of the week! 

Earth Day Spirit Day! 
On Wednesday the 22nd we'll celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! 
Check out this website for more info on this wonderful day! 
We're encouraging you to wear green or blue - or both! - on this day. Get creative with your outfit! One green sock and one blue sock! A nature themed t-shirt will work too. Put some flowers in your hair! Whatever you want! Get creative Central! 
If you'd like to share a photo of your spirit wear email it to Ms. Potakis at 
Please include the full names of everyone pictured and their classroom teacher's name as well. 
We'll showcase some photos on the Green Team's website! 

Need a "Green" Indoor activity? 
Here's some fun ideas from the Green Team: 

1) Take care of your family's houseplants!  
2) Grow some herbs indoors that you can use later for cooking
3) Make some artwork of plants, animals and landscapes! 
Put them up around the house! 
4) Read an article or do an activity from EEK - Environmental Education for Kids
5) Watch a nature cam! (Our favorite's Fiona the hippo from Cincinnati Zoo - who does a Home Safari everyday at 2pm!) 
6) Go for a nature walk around the block - with parent permission. Set up a "treasure shelf" at home to display cool looking rocks, pinecones, etc that you find!
7) Find out if your family has a telescope - set it up and star gaze before bed! 
8) Have a family conversation that's environmentally minded. Maybe it's something you can do at home to be more Green - or something you learned about!
9) Make a comfy bird watching station! Pick a window where you can see some trees or bushes from and set up comfy pillows, some notebook paper and pencils. (Binoculars and bird guide optional) Draw any birds you happen to see! 
10) Find out how to "green" up your house! Make signs to sort trash and recycling! Turn off lights you're not using! 
11) Visit the Green Team's links page! Learn about some great environmentalists, read a cool article or play a fun game. 

Here's even more great ideas from Earth Easy. 

We hope you continue to stay green Central! 

Going Green Matters Fair! 

The Green Team is once again going to be participating in the Going Green Matters fair - presented by Go Green Wilmette and the Village of Wilmette - on Sunday March 8, 2020 from 12-4pm. The environmental fair is open to the public and is located at the Michigan Shores Club at 911 Michigan Ave in Wilmette. 

This year's theme is "Trees: Back to our Roots." The Green Team is very excited to be participating in staffing the District 39 exhibit booth! We'll have some fun things to make and take home, so stop on by and visit us! 

Want more information? Check out the Going Green Matters Fair webpage here

Coming Soon - Earth Week at Central School!

The Green Team is hard at work planning out all the fun events to participate in during Earth Week 2020! 
The week long celebration will be from April 13th to April 17th, with a bonus celebration day on Earth Day - which is on Wednesday April 22nd! 

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and we've got something really special planned to celebrate at Central School! 

Make sure to check back here for more details as we get closer to the dates! 

Holiday Happenings!

Thanks to all who came to visit the Green Team during Holiday Happenings! We had a blast - singing songs, dancing around and getting the word out about our Holiday Lights recycling drive! 

Green Team all ready to go! 

        Talking to some neighbors                         Getting interviewed for the
                about the drive                                         Wilmette Beacon! 

Our moment in the spotlight: 

 Green Team Meetings 
Our smaller groups met and came up with their new group names! 
The "Rage Against the Trash" group will be working on a plan for new trash can placement on our fields and playground. 
The "Green Beans" came up with our year-long pop tab goal and are working hard preparing for Holiday Happenings. 

We're already so impressed with how enthusiastic our Green Team members are! 

Some dates to know:
March 4th - Go Green Fair permission slips due for Green Team members
March 5th - lunch meeting for Go Green Fair participants
March 8 - Go Green Fair 12-4pm
March 19 - Rage Against the Trash meeting
April 13 - 17 - Earth Week 
April 22 - Earth Day
April 30 - Green Beans meeting

Team 1 -  Rage Against the Trash
Team 2 -  Green Beans