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End of the Year 2018-19

As we near the end of the school year, we want to encourage everyone in Central's community to stay GREEN! 
Keep reducing! Keep reusing! Keep recycling! 

Here are some dates to keep track of: 

Our last pop tab collection of the year will be May 30th 
Make sure to bring your pop tabs to school by then! 

Our final day for the WandRaiser will also be May 30th 
Make sure to turn in all mascara wands to the bucket in the lobby by then! 

We will be teaming up with the PTA to do one final drive of the year! 
A gently used school supply drive! 
As we clean out classrooms, desks and lockers students can choose to donate any new or gently used school supplies to the drive. Bins will be located in the office. All collected items will go to a local school in need. If you do not want your child to participate, please let your child's teacher know. 

Green Team members - make sure to keep an eye out for our final event - a campus cleanup during recess to make sure our fields and blacktops are clean and ready for Activity Day! 

Lastly, Mrs. Dietrich and Ms. Potakis just want to give a shout out to this year's Green Team! We are so incredibly proud of all of you! This year's team was fantastic. They were eager to participate in all events - and we had quite a few events that were new ideas that they came up with! 
The extra effort they put in is just amazing - from staying in at recess to make posters, coming into school early to help set up and run events, to taking time out of their weekends to join in at different Wilmette events. 
We are very proud of all our Green Team members! 
Well done Green Team!    

3rd Annual Sports Swap Days!

The 3rd Annual Sports Swap Days was a great event! We had 22 people bring in items to be swapped - and kept 27 items of sporting equipment out of our landfills! We hope everyone who participated had a good time and are enjoying their new-to-you items! 
All leftover items were delivered to a Wings Charity Resale shop -  wingsprogram.com

Recycled Sculpture Contest Winners! 

Congratulations to the winners of our first ever recycled sculpture contest! Green Team members had a hard decision to make as there were so many great entries. 
Check out our lobby for the winning sculptures on display! 

Kindergarten - Kay R.
1st Grade - Olivia P.
2nd Grade - Charlotte F.
3rd Grade - Audrey R.
4th Grade - Gracie M.


Each winner received a handmade reusable bag, made by our Green Team members. Our kindergarten winner won a recycled plastic garden set. All other winners won an art kit that makes beads out of recycled paper. All winners additionally won a paint-your-own flowerpot kit.

Thank you to all who participated in our first ever recycled materials contest! 
Check out all our fantastic entries on our Photo Album page

Earth Week 2019!

Earth Week was a blast! We hope you had fun! 
Tell us how you liked Earth Week! Take the survey here!  
Check out some photos of Earth Week 2019 here! 

Earth Week at Central School! 

The Green Team is proud to present Earth Week 2019! 
All events on the schedule seen below were suggested by Green Team kids! In addition to all the events on the schedule we're proud to announce our first ever Recycled Sculpture Contest! See below for more details!  

Find more water conservation tips here!  

Learn some simple things you can do to stay "green" here!  

Did you lose your Earth Day Bingo card for Thursday's walk to school day? Download and print a new one here!  

Tell us how you liked Earth Week! Take the survey here!  

Recycled Sculpture Contest! 

What: A contest to create a piece of art from recycling             
            materials! Use your recycling bin at home to find things             like pop cans, plastic jugs, paper towel rolls, egg                     cartons, or anything else that can be recycled. Then                 using those materials, create a fox! Your fox can be                 any way you want - sitting, standing, just it's face, it's                 whole body - whatever you want! Get creative! You                 may use other art materials to put your sculpture                     together and decorate it. 

When: Bring your finished fox to school anytime during Earth             Week - Monday the 15th - Thursday the 18th. Your                     teacher will help you put your name on it and tell you             where to put it on display. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do I have to do this?  No! This is an optional event.
Does it have to be a fox? Yes. 
What size should my fox be? 
                    No wider than 12 inches. No taller than 18 inches.
Will I get my sculpture back/ Can I keep my sculpture? 
                    Yes! We will return all sculptures after the contest                     is over. The winning sculptures will remain on                            display for a few days after the contest is over                         before being returned. 
Can I make a fox with a friend or a group of friends? 
                    Not this time. Please make your own.
Where do I bring my sculpture? 
                    Bring your sculpture to your classroom teacher.                        They will put a label on it with your name and                            class. Then you should bring it to the cafeteria to                     be put on display.  
Is there a prize? 
                    Yes! Everyone who participates will receive a                            certificate. The winning sculpture from each                             grade will receive a prize from the Green Team. 

Green Team at the Go Green Wilmette Fair! 

The Green Team took part in the Go Green Wilmette Fair on Sunday March 10th. District 39 had many tables there to display our fabulous gardens and Green Teams at many of our school buildings. Central's table featured a mock set up of our recycling system in the cafeteria, our Wand-Raiser collection bucket and a "waste-not" craft give away! 
Green Team students (and Central School staff) collected gently used clean t-shirts. The Green Team prepped them at our last meeting by cutting the bottom of each t-shirt into fringe. At the fair, people who stopped at the booth would choose a shirt and tie the fringe together to create a bottom. When the shirt's sleeves are cut off it becomes a reusable tote bag! They were a hit! 
Green Team members - you. were. AMAZING!!! 
Mrs. Dietrich and I are so proud of the hard work of our Green Team students who helped run the booth. You were first class Central students and amazing Green Team representatives. 
Check out the pictures below for a glimpse into all the fun! 

It's a Wandraiser!


We're collecting old and gently used mascara wands to be reused by the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge. The Green Team will clean the wands before shipping them to North Carolina. The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge center will reuse the wands to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of rescued wildlife. Mascara wands are perfect for this job because the bristles are so close together and gentle to use on injured animals. 

Some reminders: 
~This is a drive to reuse something that would normally end up in landfills. Please do not buy new brushes or mascara for this drive. 
~We do not want the actual mascara - just the wands!
~Right now, this will be an open ended drive. Because mascara wands are changed every 3 months, we felt that keeping the drive open would help us collect more wands. 

Drop off your Mascara Wands in the lobby today! 

Wands for Wildlife

Watch a baby wren being cleaned with a wand!

Some dates to know:

March 21st - Master Recyclers' Meeting
March 25th - 29th - Spring Break! 
April 15th - 18th - Earth Week @ Central School!
April 22nd - Earth Day! 
May 2nd - Green Eggs & Ham Meeting
May 9th - Whole Team Meeting
May 15th & 16th - Sports Swap Days
May 30th - Whole Team Meeting - Last Meeting! 

Team 1 -  Green Eggs & Ham
Team 2 -  The Recycling Masters