Welcome to Central's Green Team!

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And the Golden Pop Tab goes to.....

Here are our winning classes for October's pop tab collection. For October Central collected 14 lbs and 9.43 oz of pop tabs! Way to go Foxes!

Our next pop tab collection date will be November 18th

Kindergarten: Miss Wingels' class - 6.07 oz

1st grade: Mrs. Dana's class - 2 lbs, 12.76 oz

2nd grade: Mrs. O'Brien's class - 11.39 oz

3rd grade: Mrs. Shea's class - 18.04 oz

4th grade: Mrs. Collins' class - 4 lbs, .42 oz - Our Golden Pop Tab winners!

Pop Tabs are Back!

We are thrilled to announce that pop tab collections are back! We have been collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House charities since 2010. Unfortunately we had to put it on hold in since lockdown but are happy to report that we can start collecting and donating again. The pop tabs are collected at home by students, who then bring them into their classroom. Once a month a Green Team member will come to each classroom to collect the pop tabs. We’ll weigh them (to keep track of how much of a donation we’re making) and store them until they can be transported to RMHC. They recycle the metal with United Scrap Metal who then donates the money from the weight of the metal directly to the charity. It’s a great way for our students to not only stay green, but also to help local families. Check out the video below for more information about this wonderful charity and how recycling helps them! The class that collects the most pop tabs in the entire school will get to keep the Golden Pop Tab award in their classroom for the entire month, AND each student will receive a special individual award to keep. Our first pop tab collection of the year will be October 28th

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